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Georgia Senate Race


Did a candidate win the Senate race in Georgia?

ATLANTA — Georgia, get ready to repeat the entire election process.

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There was no apparent victor on Election Night in the closely watched Georgia Senate race in the Peach State involving Republican challenger Herschel Walker and the incumbent Democrat U.s. senator Raphael Warnock.

While county authorities are still carefully tallying the votes, according to Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer of the Georgia Secretary of State Office, “we feel it is safe to conclude there will be a rematch for the US Senate here in Georgia scheduled for December 6.”

In order to win by an outright majority and avoid a runoff, one of the candidates would have needed to receive 50% plus one vote, although results clearly show neither did.

After almost all of the votes had been tallied, neither candidate had received a majority of the vote, with Libertarian Chase Oliver’s 2.1% vote share looming large.

NBC News predicted the runoff for Wednesday afternoon, some 17 hours after the polls closed and neither candidate appeared to be close to reaching the 50% + 1 threshold.

What happens in the Georgia Senate election after that?

The state can then get ready for a runoff, which would occur on December 6th, when all the counting is finished and the results are confirmed by the state.

Georgians will then go back to the polls to cast their votes in the race, which will only have Warnock and Walker on the ballot.

The victor of that contest will serve as Georgia’s senator for the following six years.


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