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How Can I Bet on NFL Games Online?

NFL betting has become almost as popular as watching the game. Every Sunday, millions of individuals around the world love gambling a small amount of money on the games, and millions more like to wager a large amount of money.

During the NFL football season, placing bets can be a fun and successful endeavor if you put in the time and effort. Fortunately, BUSR has already done the legwork for you, all you have to do now is read this page to have a better grasp of how to bet on NFL games from the preseason to the Super Bowl, whether you’re using live odds or traditional football betting lines.

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Betting on the NFL

There are numerous markets available at BUSR when it comes to placing wagers on NFL games. We’ve broken down some of the more typical examples and discussed them below because we know it might be difficult to grasp all of these markets.

NFL Moneyline Bets NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

The moneyline market is one of the simplest to understand when it comes to betting on NFL games.

The moneyline wager is uncomplicated and simple to comprehend. You get to pick the group you think will triumph. Favorites have lower odds than underdogs, who have higher odds. The matchup’s favorite or underdog will be represented by a larger number.You just wager on the team you believe will win, It makes no difference how many points are scored or who scores them.

NFL Point Spread Betting NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

“Against the spread” wagering is the most common type of football wager. The point spread is a figure chosen by the oddsmakers to represent the approximate margin of victory. When picking sides, you can go with the favorite minus the points or the underdog plus the number. The side you pick must cover the spread in order for your bet to win.

The favorite team must not only win the match, but also win by a predetermined amount in order to “cover the spread” and win the wager (the point spread).

The spread encourages even betting on both sides because the underdog is “given” points. The most common spreads are those that have half-points attached, also referred to as a “hook.” The hook reduces the possibility of a push (or tie).

NFL Over/Under and Totals NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

Over/under total betting is a great choice if you don’t have a strong opinion about either team. You place a wager on the total number of points scored as opposed to the overall amount of points scored. Based on the attacks, defenses, and additional factors like the weather, oddsmakers estimate the final score.

Bettors can place a wager on the final score going Over or Under a certain amount, such as 52 points, if that total is the cumulative projected score for the game.

Similar to point spread betting, there is a vig on both sides of the total. Most bookmakers use a -110 line for over/under wagering, which indicates that for every $1.10 wagered, you will win $1, or wager $110 to receive $1.

As a bettor, you would select whether the final score of the game will be OVER 52 points or UNDER 52 points. The game went OVER the final score if the Bills win by a margin of 27-30 because the total score is 57.

NFL Odds To Win The Season

Kansas City Chiefs+560
San Francisco 49ers+570
Baltimore Ravens+920
Buffalo Bills+1225
Detroit Lions+1225
Cincinnati Bengals+1250
Philadelphia Eagles+1550
Houston Texans+1550
Dallas Cowboys+1625
Green Bay Packers+1850
Miami Dolphins+2200
New York Jets+2300
Atlanta Falcons+2500
Los Angeles Rams+3200
Chicago Bears+3300
Los Angeles Chargers+3600
Cleveland Browns+3900
Jacksonville Jaguars+4300
Pittsburgh Steelers+4500
Indianapolis Colts+6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6800
Seattle Seahawks+6800
Minnesota Vikings+7000
New Orleans Saints+7500
Las Vegas Raiders+9000
Arizona Cardinals+9500
New York Giants+11000
Washington Commanders+12000
Denver Broncos+13000
Tennesse Titans+15000
New England Patriots+16000
Carolina Panthers+24000

Updated on 06/21/2024

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What Other Types of NFL Betting Are Popular?


NFL Futures

A bet on NFL futures is one made on things that might happen before the season is over. One of the most common NFL futures wagers is “Which team will win the Super Bowl?” However, these markets are not limited to which club reaches the top and triumphs.

Futures bets are great because they let you place wagers early on any teams or players you have a suspicion about while letting you concentrate on other markets.


Futures betting is a fairly well-liked form of wagering when it comes to the NFL. Before and throughout the regular season, these were some of the most common futures bets:

• Super Bowl winner

• Division and conference champions

• Team regular-season win totals

• Playoff and non-playoff teams

• Individual awards like betting on NFL MVP

• Individual statistical accomplishments

• NFL Defensive Player of the Year


The drawback of these bets is that it may take weeks or even months to determine the winner, but because the odds are typically inflated, the reward if you win your future bet is usually worth the wait.

For instance, if you bet $100 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl before the season began and the odds were +500, your profit would be $600, which would include the original $100 bet as well as the $500 profit.

Now that you have a clear scenario of the type of bets BUSR have to offer you during the 2024 NFL Season, go ahead and sign up now, take advantage of your welcome offer, make a deposit, receive up to a $2,500 bonus, and wager on all of the markets BUSR has to offer to bet on NFL games online.

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