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These are the latest Morning Lines for almost every racetrack worldwide.

The morning odds, also known as the ‘Morning Lines’ (M/L) are set by the track for the day’s races. Over the course of the day until the actual race, odds may change despite the fact that posted M/L in the Racebook does not change.

Winners are paid out on full track odds up to the limits posted on the website. For more information on horse racing odds and racetracks, please visit the BUSR Racebook section.




The majority of beginners find horse betting to be challenging. Before you start betting regularly, there are some aspects that need to be understood. You must be familiar with the terminology, different races, and betting odds. The history and statistics of horse racing are fascinating. Ten things regarding betting on horses are listed below to get you started.


  1. It’s Important to Consider the Jockey’s Past

Before making any bets, you must research the jockey’s past. Any jockey who consistently places first, second, or third, regardless of the horse, has an innate talent. You should also take into account a jockey’s previous experiences riding a specific horse. It may be a safe bet if they consistently place first or second when matched with the horse. There is a possibility that they will place among the top three.

  1. Don’t Always Bet On Your Favourite.

One of the games that are notoriously unpredictable is horse racing. Be willing to adjust your bets as you learn. Your odds of winning are reduced when you consistently bet on the favorite. Choose a horse that provides the maximum value. The horse with the best chance of winning is not everything. In terms of betting, the winning horse occasionally may not be highly profitable. Simply place your money where it belongs and feel free to support your favorite.

  1. You Need To Know The Signs Of A Confident Horse.

Watch how your horse acts before the race since, according to experts, it can reveal a lot. A worried horse is less likely to do well in the race. You must first learn the warning indicators to be on the lookout for. Once you are aware, it will be simple to field a winning lineup and make a bet. Even if you cannot make your choice entirely based on this information, it will be helpful.

    1. Understand the terms used in horse betting

It is a fact that some phrases employed in the horse racing activity would be difficult for beginners to understand. Learn the terms since they will be crucial to your ability to win at betting. You may learn a lot about the horses and the jockey from the race comments. In order to profit from horse betting, you must gather as much data as you can. You’ll need some time to become familiar with all the jargon, but it’s crucial that you do.

  1. You Do Not Have To Bet On All The Races.

For new bettors, there is a strong pull to bet on every race. With every horse program, you always aim to turn a profit. Attempt to restrain yourself because this is a time of learning. Go more slowly and make improvements over time. You’ll see that there were errors you were making with your initial bets that you could have prevented. Since they are still learning the new sport, most newcomers lose their initial wagers. When you are new, only wager on the races you are confident about.

  1. The Track Conditions Are Important.

You probably never imagined that this would have an impact on a horse race, but it does. Most people overlook it, especially beginners. When placing a bet on a horse, consider the track’s conditions always. Examine the track’s condition from prior races and the horses’ results. You’ll realize that variations result from many conditions. The track’s condition and the weather go together. So, when the race is taking place, you must consider the weather.

  1. You Must Be Familiar With The Trainers.

Trainers of horses have a solid reputation for a reason. The best trainers succeed when they have a good horse, but their efforts are important as well. The trainers are known to all professional horse bettors, and they keep track of their performance. You’ll observe that there are one or two trainers that constantly produce exceptional horses. They go to great lengths to get the horses ready for the races in various climes and on various tracks. This will give you a general sense of which horses you should pay attention to.

  1. The Start Position Is Crucial.

This is a truth known to all horse bettors. But since you’re just getting started, it’s important to say. Each horse possesses certain skills and traits that are all their own. When they begin from various positions, they behave in diverse ways. However, you shouldn’t assume anything on the starting position. Try to determine the horse’s starting places throughout its existence.

  1. There are several kinds of bets.

Between exotic and straight bets, you must decide. But because they are simpler and less expensive, straight bets are what you should stick to as a novice. You can afford to make small errors and come out of it with minimal loses. As you advance in skill, you can investigate unusual wagers. Exotic bets allow you to wager on numerous horses and races.

  1. You must comprehend the odds.

Understanding the odds is necessary when betting on horses, just like in any other sport. There are many publications, websites, and individuals willing to provide information about horse betting chances. Use any reliable information to your advantage and use it to place profitable bets. You’ll stand out from other newbies if you understand the odds.

Live odds can take a moment to load.




How to Calculate Betting Odds and Payoffs

Betting on the outcome of horse racing can be fun and profitable and, if you know what you’re doing, you might even be able to beat the odds.

The horse racing betting odds for each horse is displayed on a tote board at the track or on the betting ticket online. The basic information on the betting ticket window is the “odds to win” for each horse. Although it won’t tell you how much the horse will pay, it does show the amount of profit you will get if you win and the amount you have to bet to get it. For example, 3-5 odds means that for every $5.00 you wager, you’ll win $3.00.

Payouts are determined by how much is in the total pool (all the money bet on all the horses to win) minus the “take” which is usually between 14%-20% depending on the track. The take varies from state to state and the money is used to pay taxes, purse money for the horsemen, expenses at the track, and the track’s profit.

Most tracks require a $2.00 minimum bet, here are the pay-offs for $2 win bets:


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