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March Madness 2023 Odds

Here are our best 2023 March Madness odds

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My own March Madness bracket: how can I create one?

The NCAA’s official bracket game, the Bracket Challenge Game, will begin right after Selection Sunday’s field announcement by the selection committee. Get your picks in before the brackets lock, which will happen before the first game of the first round. How difficult is it to fill out a bracket? Although no one has ever obtained a flawless bracket, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from attempting.

Check out live odds for March Madness 2023 HERE

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Betting on NCAA Explained

When it comes to betting on March Madness 2023, there are numerous markets to pick from. We understand that knowing all of these markets can be difficult, so we’ve broken down and outlined some of the more typical examples below:

Win Big on Moneyline Bets NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

The Moneyline market may be one of the simplest to understand when it comes to NCAA games.

The Moneyline wager is simple to grasp. You get to pick the team you think will win. Favorites are given negative odds, while underdogs are given positive odds. The greater the number, the greater the favorite or underdog in the game.

It makes no difference how many points are scored or who scores them because you’re betting on the team you believe will win.

Point Spreads NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

The most common March Madness wager is “against the spread.” The point spread is a number that oddsmakers use to approximate the margin of victory. When picking sides, you can go with the favorite minus the points or the underdog plus the number. In order for your wager to be successful, the side you select must cover the spread.

To win a point spread bet, sometimes known as “covering the spread,” the favorite team must not only win the game, but also win by a specified number of points (the spread).

The spread encourages equal wagering on both sides because the underdog is “given” points. Spreads with half-points attached, referred to as a “hook,” are the most common. The hook eliminates the possibility of a push (or tie).

Over/Under and Totals Markets NFL 2022 | BUSR Star

Over/under total betting is a great alternative if you don’t have a strong opinion on either team. You wager on the total number of points scored rather than the entire number of points scored. Based on the attacks, defenses, and other factors like as weather, oddsmakers calculate a projected point total.

If the total expected score for a game is 52 points, gamblers can choose whether to bet on the final score going Over or Under that figure.

As with point spread betting, there is a vig on both sides of the total. Most bookmakers use a -110 line for Over/Under betting, which indicates that for every $1.10 wagered, you’ll get $1, or bet $110 to gain $100. On the screen, it would show Over 52 (-110) / Under 52. (-110).

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Testimonial | BUSR Bet with confidence
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