MLB 2023 Crowned MVPs

Baseball fans witnessed a culmination of the 2023 award season with two of the sport’s most electric talents, Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels and Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves, clinching the MLB MVP awards in their respective leagues. Both players were among the talents who impacted MLB Lines the most during the year. 


Angels Star Raised on the East

MLB Player Shoei OhtaniOhtani’s season was a symphony of skill, a complete unicorn, boasting a .304 batting average, sending 44 balls out of the park, and notching a 10-5 record on the mound with a sparkling 3.14 ERA. Despite a September elbow surgery, Ohtani’s recovery timeline has him hitting in the 2024 season with pitching expected in 2025. As the 29-year-old enters free agency, he’s poised to ink a lucrative deal that reflects his unparalleled impact on the game, the largest contract in MLB history. 

Acuña Jr., only 25, led the MLB with an impressive 149 runs, 217 hits, and an outstanding .416 on-base percentage, alongside 41 home runs and 73 stolen bases. His season was historic, not just in statistics but in the echoes of baseball greats like Willie Mays and Rickey Henderson that his performance resonated.

Ohtani’s path to his second MVP was paved with undeniable dominance in both hitting and pitching, a double threat underlined by an OPS of 1.066 and WHIP of 1.061. Even Corey Seager’s outstanding season couldn’t overshadow Ohtani’s dual capabilities.

The future for Ohtani, laden with potential and curiosity, sees him stepping into free agency amid speculations and a silent stance since August 9. His recent surgery adds a layer of intrigue to his long-term capabilities, both for pitching and hitting. Nonetheless, his value in the baseball market remains incredibly high, with teams vying for a talent that’s once in a century.


Surpassing Injuries, Being MVP

MLB Player Ronald Acuña Jr.Acuña’s 2023 was a showcase that silenced any doubts, a resounding comeback from previous knee issues, and a confirmation of his top-tier status. His accomplishments this season included a historic achievement as the only member of the exclusive 40-70 club, with a staggering 73 stolen bases to his name.

The Braves right fielder kicked off the year with an explosive April, earning NL Player of the Month and maintaining an exceptional level of play throughout the season, closing with career highs across multiple categories. With the lowest strikeout total of his full seasons, Acuña’s 2023 performance was a testament to his disciplined and impactful presence at the plate.



As bettors look ahead, the narratives of Ohtani’s free agency and Acuña’s continued ascendancy in the Braves lineup will be pivotal in forecasting the futures market. Their monumental 2023 seasons set a high bar and leave fans anticipating what heights these MVPs will reach next in their already illustrious careers. Any team Ohtani signs with will have their MLB Odds improved, and Acuña will keep the Braves in the playoff discussion for years to come.