MLB Ranger’s Max Scherzer to miss the rest of the Season

The MLB Franchise Texas Rangers‘ already precarious playoff journey has been met with yet another stumbling block, and it’s a considerable one. 

Right-hander Max Scherzer, who was recently acquired from the New York Mets in July, is set to miss the remainder of the regular season due to a strained major muscle. If that wasn’t troubling enough, Rangers’ general manager, Chris Young, delivered another crushing blow when he stated that Scherzer is “unlikely” to make a postseason appearance. Thankfully, surgery isn’t on the horizon, but that may be the only silver lining for the Rangers in this situation.

Scherzer’s injury became evident during the Rangers’ 6-3 win against the Toronto Blue Jays. He exited the game, and following evaluations, the harsh reality became clear. With this, Scherzer’s eventful season, shifting from the Mets to the Rangers and now sidelined with an injury, comes to an abrupt halt. 


The Depth of the Loss

Max Scherzer InjuryLosing a player of Scherzer’s caliber isn’t just a tactical loss on the field, but an emotional one in every locker room in the MLB. Even though Scherzer might not have maintained the same dominance from his past years, his presence was still formidable. Since his transition to Texas, he boasted an impressive 4-2 with a 3.20 ERA. Spread over 45 innings, he managed to achieve 53 strikeouts, only surrendering 15 walks. MLB lines usually favor teams with dependable experienced starters like “Mad Max”. 

However, the Rangers’ woes don’t stop with Scherzer. Jacob deGrom, another spectacular talent they had previously acquired from the Mets, is also on the injured list. So now, Texas is in the precarious position of vying for a playoff position without their premier starting pitchers, a situation akin to venturing into a storm without an umbrella.

With deGrom set to be out at least until 2024’s mid-season due to his second Tommy John surgery, Scherzer’s acquisition was the team’s robust response to balance the rotation. Paired with Jordan Montgomery from the St. Louis Cardinals, it seemed like the Rangers had all angles covered and their MLB Odds stabilized. 


The Impending Rotation Reshuffle

In the wake of this unfortunate turn of events, the Rangers are forced to dig deep and reevaluate their rotation. The spotlight now falls on Andrew Heaney (10-6, 4.10 ERA) and Martín Pérez (9-4, 4.74). Both pitchers had their moments of brilliance in the past but have not precisely replicated their previous season’s form. The burden of expectation will certainly weigh heavier on their shoulders as they step up to fill the void left by Scherzer.

The Rangers’ rotation will now comprise Montgomery, Jon Gray, Dane Dunning, and Nathan Eovaldi. While this lineup remains competitive, it lacks the intimidation factor Scherzer and deGrom would have provided.

Adversities like these truly test a team’s mettle. While the situation might appear grim, it’s essential to remember that baseball, at its core, is a team sport. While stars can provide momentary brilliance, consistent teamwork can pave the way for sustained success. The Rangers’ season has become an embodiment of the phrase, “When it rains, it pours.” Yet, the beauty of sports lies in its unpredictability. With how the Astros and the Mariners are playing and with a crowded AL Wild Card race, the Rangers might be the odd man out in the contest. 

In these trying times, the Rangers’ resolve will be tested. The coming weeks will determine if they can turn adversity into an advantage, making the absences of deGrom and Scherzer a rallying point rather than a setback. The Rangers are one game back of the Astros in the AL West, tied with the young and emerging Seattle Mariners. In the AL Wild Card, they hold one of the spots, along with Tampa Bay and Seattle.