Everything is ready to start for the 2023 Men’s FIBA Basketball Cup, It will be the 19th tournament organized by FIBA and it will be hosted by multiple nations, including the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia from August 25 to September 10. This tournament differs from what we usually see in NBA Lines due to its unique dynamic. 

FIBA has been working very hard in Asia, and this part of the world has been chosen to host three World Cups in a role. The first in China was in 2019, this year in the three countries mentioned above, and in the next four years, it will be in Qatar. First time in Indonesia and second time in the Philippines and Japan.

The event will host 32 teams, being the first time in tournament history that a host nation has not qualified. The defending champ is the team from Spain who defeated Argentina in the past tournament in 2019. This tournament also serves as the qualification for the next year’s Summer Olympics in Paris. The two top teams from each continent will be going to Paris for the gold medals.

Five will be the arenas used for the tournament, three in the Philippines (Philippine Arena with a capacity for 55,000, Araneta Coliseum, in Quezon City for 15,000 and Mall of Asia Arena (Pasay) for 15,000), in Indonesia, Indonesia Arena in Jakarta and in Japan the Okinawa Arena.


32 teams in 8 different groups

Teams from all over the globe will be in different groups, You have the countries from America (USA, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Mexico), Europe, (Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Latvia and Georgia), Asia, Philippines, Iran, Jordan, Japan, China. Africa, Angola, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Egypt, South Sudan, and Cape Verde. And last two are Australia and New Zealand.



The USA team has 12 players all play in the NBA, from different franchises, let’s see the list of players,


The head coach for the first time will be Steve Kerr for the Golden State Warriors, who took Gregg Popovich’s place. Kerr is also to be its coach for the Summer Olympics.

The team was seeded to play in Group C at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay Philippines and will open up the 2023 World Cup against New Zealand on Aug 26th and then will also play against Greece on Aug 28th and Jordan on Aug 30th to rap up the group games. This team is hoping to not disappoint as in the last World Cup, the USA team finished seventh place, so they will look to make a stronger impression. Historically the USA has won five times the World Cup, tied with Yugoslavia.

The betting odds currently place the USA at -115 to clinch the FIBA World Cup, not used to seeing such odds for a US basketball team that always sends the best selection of its NBA teams. This team will play around Anthony Edwards who can not only score but also create opportunities, the orchestrator will be point guard Jalen Brunson, and shooters Brandon Ingram, Jarron Jackson, and Mikal Bridges.



USA -110, Canada +500, Australia +900, France +900, Slovenia +1100, Spain +110, Greece +1400, Serbia +1600 Germany +2800, Lithuania +4000

Some international figures who play in the NBA and that will be in the tournament are, Patty Mills, Rudy Gobert, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jovic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Dennis Schroder, and other great players will meet and play for two weeks.