NBA NEWS: November 29th

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Warriors’ transition woes: navigating challenges and crafting a path to offensive efficiency

The Golden State Warriors are facing challenges in the current NBA season, holding a 7-9 record and ranking 11th in the Western Conference. Despite maintaining a winning road record, they have fallen short of expectations, particularly in transition play. The team has struggled significantly in transition, being outscored by a league-worst 8.5 points per game, a stark contrast to their performance last season.

One notable change is the decline in transition points since the addition of Chris Paul, known for his playmaking skills. Jordan Poole, who led the team in transition points last season, has been replaced by Paul, resulting in a significant drop in transition scoring for key players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins. The team’s transition opportunities have diminished, affecting their overall offensive efficiency, with a decrease in shots from high-percentage areas.

While the Warriors remain formidable in half-court situations, the absence of suspended Draymond Green poses a defensive challenge. The upcoming game against the San Antonio Spurs, who struggle in transition defense, provides an opportunity for the Warriors to capitalize on running plays. However, the team needs to address its transition game to alleviate the pressure on their half-court offense and improve overall efficiency. With adjustments, the experienced Warriors are expected to find their rhythm over the course of the season, adding spice to the NBA lines.


Bane’s hoops odyssey: A Grateful Heart’s NBA ascent

Desmond Bane’s journey to NBA success is a unique tale of gratitude and familial support, primarily owed to his great-grandparents, Bob and Fabbie Bane. Raised by them since the age of two, Bane’s improbable rise to becoming a feared 3-point shooter for the Memphis Grizzlies is a testament to their influence. Despite attending a small high school in Indiana and facing neglect from major colleges, Bane excelled at TCU and is now a crucial player for the struggling Grizzlies.

The significance of family ties was magnified during the 2020 NBA Draft when Bane was selected as the 30th pick. The moment was especially poignant as he shared it with his great-grandmother; a framed photo of the late Bob Bane added a bittersweet element. Bane’s remarkable career progression, now in his fourth season, has made him a standout for the Memphis Grizzlies, showcasing a steady improvement in scoring and efficient 3-point shooting, very important for the NBA futures.

The unorthodox family dynamic between Bane and his great-grandparents, who actively supported him despite their advanced age, remains a rare and heartwarming story. Despite their passing, Bane continues to carry their influence, embodying the values they instilled in him. As he navigates his NBA career and builds relationships with his family, Bane reflects on the invaluable life lessons learned from his great-grandparents, emphasizing the impact they had on his personal and professional growth.


NBA All-Star Game 2024: back to basics with East-West rivalry and classic scoring!

In a nod to tradition, the 2024 NBA All-Star Game brings back the classic East-West showdown and reverts to the traditional scoring system. Set to take place at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, the home of the Indiana Pacers, this marks a celebration of basketball’s deep roots in Indiana. The return of the conference matchup and four 12-minute quarters adds a nostalgic touch to the 73rd All-Star Game. Despite ditching the untimed fourth quarter, teams will still compete for charitable causes in each quarter. With team captains determined by fan votes, this edition promises a blend of heritage and fan engagement.