NBA News: October 31st 2023


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These are the most important news for the NBA for October 31, 2023.


Magic Johnson Joins Billionaire Athlete Elite

Former NBA point guard Magic Johnson has ascended to the ranks of billionaire athletes, marking the fourth athlete to join this exclusive club. Forbes estimates Johnson’s net worth at approximately $1.2 billion, placing him alongside basketball legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James, as well as golfer Tiger Woods as the only athletes to achieve billionaire status. Despite his remarkable career with the Los Angeles Lakers, most of Johnson’s wealth derives from astute business investments rather than earnings during his playing days, which totaled around $40 million. Forbes also notes that his annual endorsement earnings off the court were less than $5 million.


NBA Unveils New Court Designs for In-Season Tournament

The NBA has introduced fresh court designs for the in-season tournament, set to run from Friday through December 9, involving all 30 teams playing home games. These court designs depart from the traditional woodgrain look, featuring primarily solid colors and complete paint coverage. Each court showcases the NBA Cup, the tournament’s trophy, at midcourt and in the lanes. Additionally, a striking 16-foot-wide contrasting color runway now runs down the center of each court, with team names displayed on the baseline. The new designs will see teams like Boston, Chicago, the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland, and New Orleans playing on alternate home courts for the first time, offering a visually distinctive experience for fans. This move is part of the NBA’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall basketball experience and NBA futures for both players and spectators.


Victor Wembanyama’s NBA Journey Begins with a Lesson

NBA Victor WembanyamaVictor Wembanyama, the rising star in the NBA, quickly learned the rigors of professional basketball as he faced the Los Angeles Clippers in his first away game. Led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers delivered a decisive 123-83 victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

Wembanyama’s performance was modest, with 11 points, five rebounds, two assists, and one block. He was also responsible for five of the Spurs’ season-high 25 turnovers. Despite the challenges, the 19-year-old displayed remarkable maturity, emphasizing the importance of persistence over adversity.

The game served as a learning experience for Wembanyama, who had previously scored 15 points in his NBA debut against Dallas and 21 points in an overtime victory against Houston. Although frustrated by the outcome, he recognized the invaluable lessons gained from his early experiences in the league.

Russell Westbrook, one of Wembanyama’s childhood idols, delivered a knee to the rookie’s thigh in the third quarter. This encounter didn’t deter the young French sensation, as he made one of two free throws and contributed five of the Spurs’ seven points, despite the team trailing 77-48.

Reflecting on the game, Wembanyama acknowledged the challenge of facing his idols, saying, “They’re my idols, but they’re still my opponent.”

In the midst of a mixed start, Wembanyama showcased glimpses of his potential, blocking Zubac and contributing with an alley-oop pass from Zach Collins. The Clippers held a substantial lead, with Westbrook’s 3-pointer at the close of the second quarter sending them into halftime with a 56-37 advantage.

While it was a tough outing for the young rookie, his journey in the NBA has only just begun, and his potential is apparent. Kawhi Leonard, recognizing Wembanyama’s evolving mentality, expressed confidence in the young player’s future. Despite the challenges, Wembanyama’s NBA journey promises to be an exciting one, filled with growth and opportunities.