Phoenix Suns: Are They Close to the NBA Title?


Looks like the NBA Franchise Phoenix Suns did the homework last season, and they are ready for the next campaign. Four dominant players will be starting the season. Their star player Devin Booker, their big man Deandre Ayton, a superstar like Kevin Durant, and the new kid on the block Bradley Beal. Then we must add the new head coach Frank Vogel, who is a young, prepared, and experience coach.

This team is prepared to go deep into the playoffs, a serious contender for the title is the Phoenix Suns, and a lot will depend on whether this team can be healthy, Kevin Durant just played 47 games in the past campaign, Deandre Ayton participated in 67 games and Devin Booker played 53 games. The NBA ODDS will have the Phoenix Suns as a serious contender.



Phoenix Suns teamA whole new rotation, 10 players resigning or just newcomers to the franchise of “The Valley of the Sun” the mid-prime vets, hungry players to win the title, youth experience and hunger, and some players looking for a big contract. There are probably mid-role players that if they have a good season, will almost be leaving the next season for their one big contract like would happen to Bruce Brown of the Denver Nuggets.

The playing time will probably be for eight to ten players if the key players don’t get hurt for a long period. Let’s look at these players and their predictions. The team chose with the 52md pick, Toumani Camara, a forward from the University of Dayton, rookie and we would like to see if coach Vogel likes to play with rookies, he is a 6’8” and 220-pound forward from Brussels, Belgium, very athletic, that the Suns will appreciate especially on his price.

Damian Lee, who comes out of the bench, will get his open shots from mid and long-range, a guard who will not be an impact player, a good locker advice player close to KD. Some other role players on the new roster are Drew Eubanks forward position, Jordan Goodwin at guard, Eric Gordon at G-F, and Chimezie Metu.



The complete duo Kevin Durant-Devin Booker, KD is probably top five in the NBA league as the best player, he is a scoring machine, he can drop 30 on any given night, paired with Booker, another elite scorer, an elite three level score, can create his shot, this duo can compete for the title for several seasons. They did sacrifice drafts to get Durant who may leave in 2024, Remember he is one of the most unpredictable players in the league.

For the new season, CP3 is gone the veteran who has been carrying lots of health issues, Deandre Ayton having his issues with the team and the coaching staff, and nobody was waiting for coach Monty Williams to get fired, after making the playoffs even the finals in the past campaigns.

But the big contract came from landing Bradley Beal, who was exchanged for Chris Paul, some other players and drafts. Several teams wanted this great player, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns. The critics say bring Beal is bringing another offense and shooting player like KD and Booker, leaving the holes in other parts, like defense, playmaking, length, and so on. Heading to free agency they only had five players rostered, all combined for $169 million, which is way over the salary cap, meaning they would have to fill out the roster with minimum players, no mid-level exceptions, and very little roster flexibility. And the end this can be a very dynamic offense team but probably one of the worst defense squads and some that is not sustainable in basketball. So the NBA Lines we be very interested to see the Phoenix Suns as a highly talented shooting but not very well on defense and as they say Defense wins championships.