Copa América News: July 2nd

brazil vs colombia copa america



The day has arrived! Colombia is set to face Brazil in the final match of Group D in the Copa America 2024. Under coach Néstor Lorenzo, Colombia aims to secure the top spot, while Brazil, led by Dorival Junior, hopes to avoid defeat and advance to the quarter-finals.

Colombia enters the match with an impressive 25-game unbeaten streak and a series of strong performances against top teams. However, Brazil’s history of never giving up makes them a formidable opponent. Despite recent struggles and a new playing style under Dorival Junior, Brazil’s stats remain strong.


In their two Copa America matches, Brazil drew against Costa Rica but bounced back with a solid win over Paraguay, showcasing their attacking talents like Vinicius Junior and Lucas Paquetá. Colombia, on the other hand, has won both of their matches, giving them a perfect record so far.

Statistically -and for the odds-, the teams are quite balanced. According to Sofascore, Brazil has a slight edge in shots on target with 4.5 per game compared to Colombia’s 4. In terms of clear chances, Brazil also leads with 3 per game, while Colombia averages 2. Both teams are almost equal in ball possession, with Brazil at 65% and Colombia at 66%.


However, Colombia excels in a few key areas. They have a perfect point performance of 100% versus Brazil’s 67%, and a better goal difference, scoring 5 and conceding 1, compared to Brazil’s 4 scored and 1 conceded.

As the two teams prepare to clash, fans can expect a thrilling encounter. With the Copa America odds slightly favoring Colombia due to their recent form, will their momentum carry them through, or will Brazil’s resilience prevail? The stakes are high, and the excitement is palpable.



On Tuesday, July 2, Costa Rica faces Paraguay in a crucial Copa America 2024 match. For Costa Rica, the hope of advancing to the quarter-finals hangs by a thread after disappointing results. They need a decisive victory over a Paraguay team already eliminated, and they also depend on other match outcomes.



Costa Rica must win by a large margin and hope for Brazil to lose to Colombia. Although this situation seems unlikely, it might motivate the Costa Rican team to play with more offensive ambition.

Paraguay, on the other hand, while already out of the tournament, has fast players who could exploit counter-attacks against an aggressively attacking Costa Rica.



Costa Rica’s urgency to secure a win will likely push them to play an aggressive and risky game. Expect them to dominate possession and create numerous scoring opportunities. However, this aggressive approach might leave them vulnerable to Paraguay’s counter-attacks. Paraguay, with nothing to lose, can play without pressure and focus on exploiting these defensive gaps.

While Costa Rica’s determination is commendable, the task at hand is monumental. They need not only to win but to do so convincingly. Given Paraguay’s capability to counter-attack and Costa Rica’s desperate need for a big win, the game could end in a narrow victory for Costa Rica, such as 2-1. This might not be enough for them to advance, but it will showcase their fighting spirit.


In conclusion, Costa Rica faces a monumental challenge that requires not just tactical skills but also a bit of luck. With the current Copa America odds slightly favoring Paraguay due to their ability to counter and Costa Rica’s need for a large win, the game will be intensely competitive. 

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