NBA News: June 13th


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Dan Hurley, the successful head coach of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team, recently declined a lucrative offer from the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite the reported $70-million offer, Hurley chose to remain at UConn, where he has won back-to-back NCAA championships and enjoys unparalleled control and influence.

Dan Hurley rejected Lakers offerCollege coaches like Hurley have significant authority over their programs, something not easily replicated in the NBA. At UConn, Hurley is the central figure, a status he wouldn’t maintain in the NBA. Additionally, Hurley’s animated sideline behavior, celebrated in college basketball, might not be well-received in the professional league.

Financially, the Lakers’ offer was substantial, overshadowing Hurley’s current $32.1-million contract. However, it wasn’t enough to offset the security and prestige he enjoys at UConn. The NBA Finals odds for the upcoming season may favor certain teams, but for Hurley, the stability and potential for historic achievements at UConn were more appealing. He has the chance to join legendary coach John Wooden as the only coach to win three consecutive Division I men’s championships.

The Lakers’ job also comes with significant uncertainty. With LeBron James possibly opting for free agency and Anthony Davis’s injury-prone history, the future of the team is unstable. General manager Rob Pelinka’s track record is mixed, and the team has seen frequent coaching changes, adding to the job’s volatility.

The Lakers, despite their storied history and attractive market, face challenges that make their head coaching position less appealing. The instability and pressure of the NBA, compared to the control and security Hurley has at UConn, made his decision clear.

Hurley’s choice is reminiscent of Mike Krzyzewski turning down the Lakers to remain at Duke in 2004. Despite the Lakers’ allure, Hurley recognized the risks and chose to stay where he was celebrated and secure.

As the NBA Finals odds begin to shape up, the Lakers will need to find another candidate to lead their team, while Hurley prepares for another promising season in the Big East. His decision underscores the value of stability and control over the glitz and glamor of the NBA.



The Dallas Mavericks needed to make a stand in Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, but they fell short despite ideal conditions. Back on their home court with a roaring crowd and Boston’s Kristaps Porzingis sidelined, the Mavericks still couldn’t secure a win.

NBA Player Kyrie IrvingNo team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the Finals. With Kyrie Irving rediscovering his shooting rhythm and an early lead, Dallas seemed poised for a turnaround. Their defense initially looked stronger, and Luka Doncic and Irving dominated at the rim.

However, the Celtics adapted quickly. They clamped down defensively, forcing Dallas into inefficient one-on-one play and building a 21-point fourth-quarter lead. Irving and Doncic combined for 62 points, but it wasn’t enough as Boston’s defense neutralized Dallas’ role players.

As the NBA Finals odds increasingly favor Boston, Dallas finds itself running out of answers and out of time.