NBA News: June 6th

NBA News: June 6th

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Carmelo Anthony isn’t done with basketball, not by a long shot. The 10-time NBA All-Star recently announced his involvement as an owner in an expansion team for the National Basketball League (NBL), Australia’s premier basketball league. But Anthony’s ambitions stretch far beyond the Land Down Under. He has his eyes firmly set on ownership within the NBA itself.

“Now. I want it now,” Anthony declared to ESPN’s Marc J. Spears when discussing his ownership aspirations. “And that’s something I’m working towards as we speak.”

This news comes as the NBA prepares for its upcoming season, with fans eagerly eyeing NBA Finals odds and speculating on championship contenders. While Anthony won’t be lacing up for any playoff battles this year, his focus remains firmly on the game, albeit from a different angle.

The NBA currently lacks a concrete expansion plan, with Commissioner Adam Silver stating serious discussions will hinge on the finalization of the league’s new media deal. This could be a waiting game for Anthony, but his involvement with the NBL expansion team provides valuable experience in team management and operations.

One potential landing spot for Anthony’s NBA ownership dreams could be Las Vegas. The city has been floated as a possible expansion market, and LeBron James, Anthony’s longtime friend and teammate, has publicly expressed interest in bringing an NBA franchise to Sin City.

While Anthony awaits developments on the NBA front, his ownership stake in the NBL expansion team allows him to stay connected to the game he loves.  This experience, coupled with his undeniable basketball IQ, could position him perfectly to make a significant impact as an NBA owner whenever the opportunity arises. As NBA fans pore over playoff odds and dream of championship glory, Carmelo Anthony is busy plotting his course toward a different kind of basketball legacy, crafted on ownership and leadership.



Kyrie Irving is ready to turn the page on his tumultuous relationship with the Boston Celtics fanbase.  As the Dallas Mavericks prepare to face the Celtics in the NBA Finals, Irving expressed regret for his past actions towards Celtics fans, a move that could endear him to Boston if the Mavericks fall short.  While NBA odds currently favor the Celtics, Irving’s newfound maturity could be a key factor in swinging the series.

“There are things I’m not proud of,” Irving admitted to reporters, referencing his infamous middle finger gesture towards Celtics fans during the 2022 playoffs, an act that resulted in a hefty $50,000 fine.  “It wasn’t a good look, especially for the younger generation watching.”

Irving’s past transgressions in Boston are well-documented.  From stomping on the Celtics logo at center court to enduring a barrage of water bottles from disgruntled fans, his relationship with the city has been rocky at best.  However, Irving insists his time with the Celtics played a crucial role in shaping him as a leader.

“Boston taught me a lot about managing emotions,” Irving reflected.  “Being a leader requires putting the team’s goals ahead of everything, even the negativity from the crowd.”

This newfound perspective could prove pivotal for the Mavericks, especially if the series gets chippy in a hostile TD Garden.  While Celtics fans might be rooting for a championship over Kyrie’s redemption arc, his ability to stay composed under pressure could be the difference between hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy or heading back to Dallas empty-handed.  As the NBA Finals unfold and the stakes rise, Kyrie Irving will have a chance to rewrite his narrative with Celtics fans.  Whether it leads to cheers or continued jeers will depend on his performance on the court and his ability to weather the Boston storm.