NBA News: June 7th


JJ Redick to be next Lakers CoachThe Los Angeles Lakers are taking a bold gamble on their next head coach, with former sharpshooter JJ Redick emerging as the frontrunner for the job, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania. This unexpected move could significantly impact NBA Playoffs odds, especially for teams in the Western Conference vying for a championship.

Redick, a sharp-shooting legend and current ESPN analyst, has zero prior coaching experience. While some Lakers fans might be scratching their heads, the organization reportedly believes Redick possesses leadership qualities similar to the legendary Pat Riley.

This belief stems from Redick’s co-hosting duties on the “Mind The Game” podcast alongside LeBron James, hinting at a potential rapport that could translate well to the coaching role. However, Redick’s lack of experience is a major question mark, especially considering the pressure-cooker environment that surrounds the Lakers franchise.

The Lakers are also considering experienced options like New Orleans Pelicans associate head coach James Borrego. Reports suggest that Borrego could potentially join the Lakers as an assistant coach if Redick is ultimately hired for the head coaching position. This scenario would offer a blend of Redick’s fresh perspective and Borrego’s coaching experience, potentially mitigating the risks associated with Redick’s inexperience.

The Lakers’ decision will undoubtedly be a hot topic amongst fans, bettors, and analysts alike. With the NBA Playoffs looming and teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks boasting championship aspirations, the Lakers’ choice in leadership could make a significant difference in the upcoming season.

While Redick’s potential hire might lengthen the Lakers’ odds in the eyes of some, his basketball IQ and close connection to LeBron James could lead to a surprising turnaround. Only time will tell if the Lakers’ gamble on Redick pays off, but one thing’s for sure: the NBA landscape just got a whole lot more interesting.



The Minnesota Timberwolves secured a key piece of their future with the news that president of basketball operations Tim Connelly has agreed to a restructured contract, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Jon Krawczynski. This move significantly bolsters the T-Wolves’ outlook and could have a ripple effect on NBA odds for the upcoming season.

Minnesota Timberwolves new head coach Tim ConellyConnelly, who had an opt-out clause in his initial contract, has chosen to forgo that option for now, keeping him with the team through at least the 2024-25 season. This commitment comes after a successful first full season in Minnesota, where he orchestrated a 56-win regular season and the franchise’s first Western Conference Finals appearance in two decades.

Connelly’s decision is a major win for the T-Wolves organization. His proven track record, including building the Denver Nuggets into champions, instills confidence in fans and analysts alike. With a young core led by Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards and a talented supporting cast, the T-Wolves were already considered a contender by many. Now, with Connelly’s long-term commitment secured, their odds of contending for a championship have undoubtedly improved.

This move also impacts the Western Conference landscape. Teams like the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, who are expected to be major players in the playoffs, will need to take the T-Wolves even more seriously with Connelly’s continued leadership. The battle for Western Conference supremacy just got a whole lot more interesting, as Connelly’s shrewd moves and player development prowess could lead the T-Wolves to a deep playoff run and potentially challenge the established powers in the West.

While the NBA Playoffs are still months away, the T-Wolves’ decision to lock up Connelly sends a clear message: they are serious about championship aspirations. With a talented roster and a proven architect at the helm, the T-Wolves are determined to make a significant impact on the upcoming season and beyond.