MLB News: Most Underrated Move at the Trade Deadline

Is the Acquisition that Tampa Really Needs?

Aaron CivaleThe Tampa Bay Rays have officially announced their acquisition of the right-handed pitcher, Aaron Civale, from the Cleveland Guardians. While this news was initially shared by The Tampa Bay Times, its significance in the current MLB Lines season must be considered.

As part of this impactful trade, Cleveland is poised to welcome the young first baseman Kyle Manzardo. Recent ratings by MLB placed Manzardo in a prestigious 35th position among the MLB prospects as of January.

Aaron Civale, now 28, boasts an impressive 2.34 ERA and has secured a 5-2 record in his recent 13 starts. Demonstrating their dominance, the Rays have clinched the third top spot in MLB with a 64-44 record, only trailing the Baltimore Orioles in the American League East by a minimal 1.5 games.

Earning his reputation en the MLB as the ace for Cleveland, Civale has showcased impeccable performance, particularly in July with a jaw-dropping 1.45 ERA in six games. His adversaries struggled against him, managing only a .176/.229/.229 slash line during this period. While he may not dominate with raw power, his curveball is arguably the most menacing in professional baseball.

An added advantage for Tampa Bay is Civale’s contract, which remains valid for two additional seasons post-2023. With his salary pinned at a reasonable $2.6 million for the ongoing season, it’s a deal that screams value even if Civale doesn’t continue performing at the level that he is currently.

Some critics have argued that despite Civale’s impressive ERA, his metrics for the Guardians leave room for improvement. His strikeout rate and strikeout-minus-walk rate rest at the lower 26th and 34th percentiles, respectively. Not great for an ERA that low. Moreover, he has shown a tendency to allow more home runs this year compared to his overall career. However, with the Rays grappling with frequent injuries, even a league-average performance from Civale could be a blessing. Given the surplus of first basemen in the Tampa lineup, trading Manzardo might be a strategic decision to address immediate needs.

Civale’s impressive curveball has been well-noted. But with the Rays’ coaching staff, there’s potential for him to refine his arsenal, which may lead to improved strikeouts and overall better performance than the league average, which is worth way more than his projected salary.

The Guardians are left in a quandary with their rotation, especially due to the absence of Bieber, McKenzie, and Quantrill. The pressure now lies on Noah Syndergaard, who is slated to debut for the Guardians soon, and the rookies Tanner Bibee, Gavin Williams, and Logan Allen. Their race against the Twins in the AL Central will undoubtedly be challenging without Civale. However, Manzardo’s introduction offers a promising future.


Who is Kyle Manzardo?

In 2022, Manzardo marked a remarkable debut for the Rays, registering a .327/.426/.617 batting average across High A and Double-A. This achievement is especially noteworthy given his recovery from mononucleosis early in the season. His disciplined approach at the plate, combined with a knack for hitting powerful line drives, makes him a potential doubles powerhouse. While some suggest tweaking his technique for more home runs, his current form provides significant value, making him a rare breed in today’s binary baseball world.

In summary, while other trades might steal the spotlight, the decision to trade Civale for Manzardo could have long-term ramifications for MLB Odds, both now and in the future due to Manzardo’s middle and long-term impact. Only time will tell if this under-the-radar move proves to be a masterstroke or a miscalculation, but I wouldn’t bet on the Rays making mistakes about their player evaluations.