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Bet Sunday Night Football: 2023 NFL Season

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The Super Bowl itself and Sunday Night Football are both considered to be symbols of the NFL season. There will be a game each week, and bettors can win big by wagering on NFL Sunday Night Football (SNF).

BUSR posts odds quickly after the previous game, and games are broadcast on NBC. All SNF game schedules are typically made public well in advance of the start of the season, providing both football fans and NFL gamblers ample opportunity to review the matches and forecast a likely winner. Nobody should pass up the chance to bet on SNF. At BUSR you can find information related to SNF Prop Bets, the SNF calendar, and the best NFL Sign Bonus up to $2,500.

NFL Sunday Night Football Pre-Season Schedule 2023

This will be the second season in a row in which teams play only three preseason games, with the exception of the two teams who participate in the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the season. Find below the pre season games for SNF.

NFL 2022 | BUSR StarNFL  Preseason Week 2

Sunday, Aug. 14th

Vikings at raders4:25 p.mNFL Network


NFL  Preseason Week 2

Sunday, Aug. 21

GameTime (ET)TV
Eagles at Browns1 p.m.NFL Network
Bengals at Giants7 p.m.NFL Network
Ravens at Cardinals8 p.m.Fox, fuboTV


NFL preseason Week 3

Sunday, Aug. 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Giants at Jets1 p.m.NFL Network
Lions at Steelers4:30 p.m.CBS

Complete Schedule for the Regular Season of SNF

Find the complete schedule for the Sunday Night Football Regular Season 2023 Here


How to Bet on Sunday Night Football

Sunday is considered to be the best day of the week for NFL fans and handicappers. Three unique broadcasting periods translate into nonstop action from the opening kickoff through the afternoon, with a stand-alone nighttime game on Sunday Night Football coming after that.

NFL Sunday night game betting

A little after 3 p.m. CST, the second half of the Sunday schedule begins. In this time slot, there are fewer games, but there are always at least two games going on, and occasionally four or more. The late games usually end before 7 o’clock. That’s seven hours of live football action for those who are interested the entire day, and it’s still going on.


NFL Sunday football handicapping tips

Sunday is when the majority of the weekly NFL schedule is played. It can take hours to analyze each game. But if you want to uncover the most intriguing matchups, you may take a quick analysis of each game. Here are some additional suggestions for NFL Sunday wagering:

Time Zone: This may be important for the Sunday afternoon portion of the schedule. The primary things to watch out for are East Coast teams traveling to the West Coast for a late game or West Coast teams traveling east for an early start. The game’s preparation and outcome could be impacted by the time difference.

Momentum: After a few weeks of the regular season have passed, we can get a decent feel of how the teams are performing. It’s time to cease relying on predictions from the preseason at this point. As a general rule, once three weeks have passed, concentrate more on the present situation.

Recent Play: Keep in mind that year-to-date performance doesn’t often convey the whole story as the season progresses. Teams can experience ups and downs, therefore it’s important to look at how they performed in the most recent games on the important metrics.

As the new NFL season begins, it’s a good idea to have a long-term betting strategy in place, including a weekly budget. There is never a need to place a wager that is outside of your comfort zone. Additionally, remember that you may always step up your game as soon as the results support it.

NFL Sunday betting specials

There is a ton of sports betting activity on NFL Sundays. Additionally, BUSR will go above and beyond by providing you with a ton of betting promotions.

You’ll find odds boosts, exotic props, parlay options, and much more. Throughout the rest of the season, there will be a ton of opportunities for you to benefit from, so make sure to keep up with the most recent BUSR promotions.

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Testimonial | BUSR Bet with confidence
Testimonial | BUSR Bet with confidence

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SNF Prop Bets

Additionally, SNF prop bets are provided for the entire game, including the exact victory margin, as well as for the individual teams, indicating which team will win each half.

Sunday Night Football Player Props

You can make predictions about a specific attribute of a player’s performance with these SNF prop bets. Betting on a player to score a td or record a sack is an example of a straightforward SNF player prop.

Over/under wagers are the most popular Sunday Night Football player props. For instance, you may bet on the over/under for Patrick Mahomes’ passing or receiving yards during a match, the number of touchdown passes he will complete, the amount of interceptions he will throw, and so on.

Player prop bet options include, but are not limited to:

  • • Touchdown Scorer (Anytime, First/Last, Halves)
    • Over-Under Passing/Rushing/Receiving Yards
    • Over-Under Pass Attempts, Completions, and Receptions
    • Longest completion, reception, and rush
    • Head-to-head matchups (most rushing/receiving/passing yards)

Picking a more specific outcome, such as the first or last touchdown scorer, frequently results in long odds. Select which half a player might score for even longer odds.

Looking to bet on Sunday Night Football props? Win Big by using our props builder HERE!


Sunday Night Football Live Betting

Once the game kicks off, the action is only just opening for those with access to a betting account. BUSR constantly update odds for the spread, moneyline, total, and for prop bets during Sunday Night Football games.

BUSR engage bettors further by offering props on the next drive, or even the next play. Here are some of the live betting options that can be found:

  • •  Moneyline, Spread, & Total (Quarters, Halves, Full Game)
  • •  Alternate Spreads & Totals
  • •  Team Totals
  • •  Player Props
  • •  Next Drive/Play Result
  • •  Next Touchdown Scorer

Numerous Sunday Night Football picks can be found online, but before placing any bets, do your own research. We also recommend that you take the time to identify the greatest SNF lines and the most attractive odds, since this will boost your long-term odds.

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