Top Trainers in Horse Racing

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1.Chad C. Brown59717311281$20,432,673
2.Steven M. Asmussen1,525283231195$19,218,811
3.Todd A. Pletcher62814711380$18,411,960
4.Brad H. Cox5661419296$15,190,537
5.Michael J. Maker775135118118$9,349,869
6.Mark E. Casse901137118107$8,679,666
7.William I. Mott369705645$8,679,347
8.Philip D'Amato388797273$7,336,165
9.Saffie A. Joseph, Jr.5251139065$6,577,307
10.Jamie Ness735204143124$6,117,685
11.Christophe Clement384746860$5,727,482
12.Brendan P. Walsh351544444$5,718,360
13.Kenneth G. McPeek273504136$5,513,921
14.Karl Broberg1,209244199177$5,061,583
15.Doug F. O'Neill442726573$4,691,078
16.Wesley A. Ward241665125$4,600,178
17.Robertino Diodoro6151189572$4,353,530
18.Claudio A. Gonzalez5231148589$4,089,448
19.H. Graham Motion254473836$4,068,988
20.Bob Baffert117362119$4,047,384
21.Michael J. Trombetta457737770$3,728,680
22.Claude R. McGaughey III235394047$3,728,449
23.John Alexander Ortiz226483131$3,718,567
24.John W. Sadler278533934$3,677,091
25.Rudy R. Rodriguez375674144$3,651,104
26.Jonathan Wong749148147112$3,449,259
27.Michael W. McCarthy216352937$3,425,248
28.Thomas M. Amoss344724554$3,256,692
29.Eric R. Reed292484751$2,980,594
30.W. Bret Calhoun383757052$2,952,770
Updated August 25th, 2022.