Boston Celtics are a Solid Candidate for the NBA Finals Return

The historical franchise based in the small state of Massachusetts and which has won 17 NBA titles is looking sharp again for the next season. Came short past season as they were one of the contenders of the Eastern Conference to make the Finals and win it all. Lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference and came short.

So they went out to the market and made an interesting deal, they needed a big man, a center who spread the offense and can shoot from mid-range of even 3 points, a good passer, and an excellent rebounder and they think they found it on the star big men Kristaps Porzingis, 27-year-old, who was playing for the Washington Wizards and made pretty good numbers last season, played 65 games, averaged  23,2 points and most important averaged 8.4 rebounds per game. Boston has issues with the center position its biggest player and who normally plays that position Robert Williams III, just played 35 games in the regular season almost half of the games played by Porzingis, with fewer points per game 8.0 than the new big man y almost the same amount of rebounds with 8.3 per game.

That was a big move to improve its offense and defense, but when you do trades and try to bring good players you also sacrifice good players and had to let go of the “Heart and soul” of the team,  who was a Defensive Player of the Year 2021-2022, Marcus Smart, who now is headed to the Memphis Grizzlies and will match up with star Ja Morant. The team also lost reserve power forward Grant Williams who signed a new deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Boston Celtics are betting on their two superstars, who had again outstanding seasons, their franchise player Jayson Tatum, who with just 25 years old, is a superstar, played 74 games, averaged 30.1 points per game, shot for 46.6%  Field Goal Percentage and 35.0, 3 Point Field Goal Percentage. Was very healthy and played 74 games, the former Duke player has been one of the most exciting and roll players to watch in the league. He is their superstar and first option for the clutch plays and shoots.


Some numbers for the Celtics in the past season 2022-23

 The franchise had a great campaign after making the Finals a year ago and had a record past season of 57-25 second-best record in the Eastern Conference. Scoring an average of 117,9 points per game 4th best in the league and allowing its opponents to 111.4 points per game, 5th best in the league. The SRS  rating is denominated in points above/below average, where zero is average, the Celtics had 6,38, first in all the league, and the stat of Pace (a factor that estimates the number of possessions per 48 minutes 98,5 20th in the league. The preseason Odds for the past campaign were, Championship +500, Over -Under 54,5.  The TD Garden was largely packed and had an attendance of 766,240 10th in the league, very good for the median market.


NBA 2023 Playoffs for the Celtics

 In the First Round, they faced the Atlanta Hawks who came in as the 7th seed for the East, the Celtics were second. The series went to six games, Boston beat in the first, second, fourth, and sixth, and the surprising Hawks head by their leader Trae Young, won in the third game at home and then gave the surprise extending the series as winning as a visitor in the fifth game with 38 points by Young.

In the second round, they faced the Philadelphia 76ers, the #3 contender in the East, was a great series that went to a maximum of seven games, having Philadelphia the big chance to eliminate the Celtics, both teams won several games as visitors, making an exciting series, Tatum was brilliant in the last games with 51 points.

And then their last series, against all odds, lost to Miami Heat, in seven games also, the Celtics lost the first three games of the series, against the wall, but were able to even the series, tie it at three a piece, and then lost the last game at home with all their fans.

This brings the Celtics to a stronger team after missing the Finals when they were the favorite to win it all, the odds are this team and its improvement can move the NBA Lines for the next season.