Brown Makes History: NBA Celtics Seal $304M Supermax Deal

Jaylen Brown one of the two biggest stars of the Boston Celtics, just got the richest deal in NBA history, signing for a $304 million supermax contract extension.

The 26-year-old and selected as the third overall in the draft of 2016, with seven years of experience with the Association. He was set to finish his contract for the next season and was going to make $28,508,929, sat down with the Celtics front office all the month of July to negotiate a new extension contract.

Both sides managed to get and make concessions, the player was able to get a fully guaranteed deal with a trade kicker (what is a trade Kicker, “The percentage of a player’s salary that is awarded as a bonus in the event of a trade”) if he gets moved or traded, the team was able to get an extra year of team control by denying him a player option in the final year of his contract.

Let’s Breakdown This Historic NBA Contract

  • Contract will be for 5 years, $303,734,893
  • Average salary, $60,746,979
  • GTD at Sign, $303,734,893
  • Signed Using, Designated Player Veteran Extensions/Bird
  • Free Agent, 2029/UFA at the age of 31 years old

From the season 2024-25 until 2027-28, he will make $4 million more each season, and in 2028-29 it will be $5 million, that year his salary will be $69,125,872 and at the age of 32 he will be an Unrestricted Free Agent, with a chance to get another big contract.

NBA Player Jaylen Brown

Highest Contract but can get Traded after the Second Year

Brown who is a two-player, is a winner they’ve been to 5 Eastern Conference Finals in his seven years with the team. He is not the best player on the team, but last year he had his best numbers or stats, 26,6 ppg, 6,9 RPG, 3,5 APG, 49,1 FG%, and 76,6 FT%, he is improving in every category and will get better beyond the arc.

Remember no other team could give him the $250 million, the contract also says he can’t be in any trade talk for 12 months.

Another issue we have to look at is that he will take 30 to 35% of the team’s salary cap, he is a very player but not a top 10 player. If the Celtics don’t win the championship next season he can be on the trade market again.

But if you ask who win the NBA title next season, you have the Boston Celtics as number 1, with +470, the Nuggets at +480, the Bucks at +600, the Suns at +650, and the Heat at +1000.

The goal of any franchise is to be in the mix of a caliber team that can win it all, Jason Tatum will also look for an extension on his contract and probably will get more money than Brown, he is the franchise player.

The team got better bringing Porzingis a new dimension to their offense and defense, good shooter from long range he will make roughly $30 million per year plus $300 million this year for Brown and another $300 for Tatum next season. Everything mentioned will be possible with a new TV deal soon to be signed and revenue at historic numbers, the salary cap is projected to jump 10% annually for the upcoming years. 

It will certainly be interesting to predict how NBA Odds will shape up with Brown’s security on the Celtics. His continued presence should make Boston an NBA Lines darling for years to come.