Did The San Antonio Spurs Hit the NBA Jackpot?

After being one of the most dominant franchises in this first half of the century, the San Antonio Spurs are in a rebuilding process in the past years. But things can change, after in the past Draft they went big, winning the first spot. Like in the past when they were able to get Admiral David Robinson and later Tim Duncan as first picks, who changed the franchise to a winning one, conquering five titles and dominating the league in the first 10 years of the 2000s. 1999, 2003, 2005, 2207, and 2014. Now again they have been lucky to get that first-place position and choose perhaps the biggest phenomenon since LeBron James came out in 2003.  Will take about him later on, the sensational player Victor Wembanyama.



This young team had another bad season with a record 22-60, 15th in the Western Conference, missing the playoffs once again. Its best player is Keldon Johnson, a small forward, just 23years old, who reached an agreement on a four-year $80 million contract extension, Johnson who has played three seasons with San Antonio, posted 17 points per game, 6,1 rebound, and 2.1 assists, all of which were career highs. Another good and young  player Devin Vassell, a small forward, 22 years old averaged 18,5 ppg a 43,9 apg



The seven-foot-tall player and well skillset is being considered the best prospect reaching the NBA, most scouts agree and say he will be a complete player, he can shut down, is a playmaker, is good at posting, excellent passer, and punishes the double teams. As a defender, the height and length of his wingspan will make him a good defender, on the perimeter of the jump shots, and a great rebounder. The franchise is betting on this player, to make them a better team, consolidate the young core and make them play around their future star, and make NBA Odds turn in their favor. 

The young European player just played two games in the Summer League, a combined 54 minutes, 36 points, 20 rebounds, eight blocks and three assists on 41% shooting from the floor. The idea of the team was to not make him play too many games and minutes, to see other players. The 19-year-old rookie will go back to San Antonio and work for the next three months. He did state feeling tired, the fast break plays, the rhythm of the game, and the number of games played almost every day, different from his French League. The arrival of this player will have a big impact on improving the rest of the team and affect the NBA Lines for the next season.



The oldest and winningest coach in the NBA, at 74 years old just signed a new extension contract for five more years. Pop as the players call him is not only the coach but President of Basketball Operations. This puts him in a unique position in all of the sports where his decisions off the field can be directly managed on the field. Not only that, but with his immense experience and his track record the future looks bright for the Sputs rooted in a tradition of excellence.

His numbers are fantastic, since he took over the Spurs in December of 1996, he has won 1,366 games, 31 more than Don Nelson, who had been at a career-high. His ring five total, with 170 playoff wins, just behind legendries Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. And to complete his brilliant career next month he will be introduced to the James Naismith Hall of Fame.