NBA Joel Embiid’s Loyalty to Sixers Wavering?

The NBA franchise face and seven-year center Joel Embiid had made two ultimate goals, the first one was to win MVP of the NBA, which he did last season y the second one is to win a championship, where he has not been even close. Once the big guy started to get healthy and to play more games, over 40 games during the 2017-2018 regular season, things started to change, now a dominant force like Giannis, Jokic, Anthony Davis, and some other big dominant centers. 

This Philadelphia Sixers has been mixed with hard decisions for a long time, first was Jimmy Butler when he left, then the long story with Ben Simmons who also left for Brooklyn, came the dismissal of coach Doc Rivers. And now the James Harden story, who also has stated that wants to leave, to the Clippers, to the Rockets who knows? All these movements have made Embiid declare that he wants to win a championship in Philly or somewhere else, it is not a treat to the managers, but we do remember that the majority of superstars look for teams that are contenders. This offseason has been very slow for the Sixers and need to see who will be part of the team and who will not.


New Coach for the Team

The franchise has hired the 55-year-old Nick Nurse, who has already his championship ring with the Toronto Raptors, will bring his experience, but the last two seasons for Toronto weren’t the best for the team, it was not the first team to play without a conventional center, lots a ball pressure and rotation, vary its defensive coverages and force lots of turnovers. So it will be very intriguing to see the new style of playing, where the centerpiece of the team in offensive and defense is its main player Joel Emiid.


What is the Roster Right Now?

The veteran James Harden is still their point and shooting guard, played 58 games, averaged 21,0 ppg 10,7 apg, the veteran who has reached 1000 games played in his career. The 33-year-old player is requesting a trade, on his contract for the new season he has a player extension that would pay him more than $35 million, and for 2024 will be an Unrestricted Free Agent. The media mentioned he could go to the Clippers, or the Rockets again, where he played eight seasons. Let’s see if he stays. All the NBA Odds are against this team, the uncertainly of Harden if he leaves or not, the new coach with a new style of playing and seeing who will be the new players coming to the roster and being able to play along with Embiid, the future doesn’t look that bright.


Tyrese Maxey, the future point guard

Only 22 years old and playing as backup sometimes, point or shooting guard, was fantastic last season, played in 60 games averaged 20.3 ppg, 3,5 apg, and shot for 48,1 from the field and 43,4 behind the arc. He is entering his fourth season with Philly. He will balance NBA Lines to the Sixers’ side for years to come. 


Tobias Harris

The 31-year-old forward, had a good season played in 74 games, made 14,7 ppg, and shot well from the field with 50,1 and 38,9 beyond the arc. He will make $37,63 million for the next season. The team is trying to stop him because he is making too much, but they want too much in return. The total roster amount in salaries for next season for Philly is $164 million, higher than the $162 luxury tax rate and 15 from the limit of  $179. So this is another big issue for Daryl Morey its president of basketball operations. Who needs to strengthen the roster to help Embiid be happy and look for a title? All these issues will determine the odds for this team if they can reach a higher step.