NBA Maverics Can’t Repeat a Disappointing Season Again

After 43 seasons in the league and 24 of them making the NBA playoffs, Mark Cuban’s team, the Dallas Mavericks, can not afford to be out of the playoffs for the next season. In the last 10 years, they have made it in 5 of them. The strange part of this franchise is that they missed the playoffs with a very good team, they are not rebuilding, they even got “better” by bringing Kyle Irving in the deadline in February.

Can They Get Better?

Starting this team has two of the best backcourt players in the entire league. In the 27 games Kyrie Irving played with Luka Doncic and the rest of the team, Irving just played 20 of those games, the team averaged 48,5% FG, 38,9% 3 points, and 117,2 off rating and put them in the top ten of the entire league. Remember Luka Doncic has never played along another usage score until now, with Irving that’s a minor upgrade. Doncic is first in a time of possession in the league, holding it half of the time the team has possession of the ball and Irving also has its numbers, the team’s offense is 80% better when he is on the court, for the last five seasons.

NBA Players Luka Doncic and Kyrie IrvingIrving can help Luka to rest in the different stages of the game and still have the offense running. Second of all Kyrie es better in transition, not only to score but open the floor for transition and look for a teammate with a better position to shoot. And third, how dangerous Irving can be from the ball, he is not a movement-driving player like Steph Curry, he is an incredible shooter when left open and dangerous when he catches it on the move. They both also can can run the play where Luka can post up or get doubled up and pass it to Kyrie to catch and shoot or just penetrate. As you see starting the season together it will be easier to learn how to run the plays and play alone together. This can make the NBA lines better for this team.

Who is the Rest of the Team?

The Center position is where the team has had its issues, they gave a three-year contract worth $17,202,840  for the veteran 35-year-old JaVale McGee, who even lost his space and now comes off the bench. So they went and drafted a young rookie player out of Duke, Dereck Lively II, in the first round as the 12th pick, the 7’1’ will probably be the starter.

Tim Hardaway Jr., the veteran 31 years old, small forward will make $19,602 for next season, played 71 games, 14,4 ppg, and 1,8% apg, shooting for 40,1% FG%, great addition from the bench from the veteran.

Richaun Holmes, the 29 old player in, Forward position, will make over $11 million, just played only 42 games and averaged just 3,1, need more production from him.

Seth Curry, Steph’s brother is back with the Mavs, go addition to the team, of the bench, last season with the Nets averaged 9,2 ppg, just over 40% beyond the arc.

Grant Williams, another good addition, coming from the Celtics, where he had good seasons, for the last past two seasons with Boston, almost plated all the regular season games, coming off the bench as, strong power forward, who averaged a little more than 8 ppg.

Christian Wood, the forward position player, had great numbers last campaign, 16,6 ppg, 7,3 Reb, 1,8 Ast, and very good from FG% with a 51,5% 30th in the league.

This team is ready for the next NBA season, excellent backcourt, good pieces around the two superstars, a good bench, and well-coached, the only weakness is their center position. They will make the playoffs but are still a step under compared to the Nuggets, Suns, and Kings. And the NBA odds will be much better for this team.