NCAAF News: Big 12 Will Have a Revamped Schedule


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For avid NCAAF bettors, the Big 12’s announcement on its scheduling model for the 2024-2027 seasons is worth noting. This revamp provides a comprehensive insight into how the conference plans to evolve, especially with its transition to a 16-team ensemble next year.

In a significant move, the Big 12 welcomes Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah into its fold, following their agreement to part ways with the Pac-12. Conversely, Oklahoma and Texas are set to exit, joining the SEC in July. This reshuffling impacts the dynamics of the Big 12’s NCAAF Lines significantly.

There’s a departure from divisions or pod-based scheduling. Each team will consistently engage in nine regular-season conference games. This setup ensures that every Big 12 team competes against each other at least once, both home and away, throughout the four-year window.

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The Mayor Changes

For those who love traditional rivalry games, the new model protects four of them: Arizona vs. Arizona State, Baylor vs. TCU, BYU vs. Utah, and Kansas vs. Kansas State. This strategic limitation to only four means a quicker completion of the 15-team cycle.

Designed with a keen eye on geography, historic clashes, competitive balance, and, of course, fan-favorite rivalries, the model also aims to mitigate exhaustive travel for teams. This factor is pivotal for bettors considering team fatigue, especially for teams like West Virginia, Cincinnati, and UCF. These teams, based in the Eastern time zone, will face strategic travel challenges, like West Virginia’s ventures to Arizona in 2024 and Arizona State and BYU in 2025. 

Another highlight? The long-standing rivalries. The “Holy War” between BYU and Utah, which began in 1896, still promises high-voltage action. Similarly, the Territorial Cup (Arizona vs. Arizona State), Sunflower Showdown (Kansas vs. Kansas State), and The Revival (Baylor vs. TCU) are steeped in history, further enhancing the betting excitement.

With the expansion, one might argue that there needs to be more protected rivalries. Case in point: the “Farmageddon” rivalry between Iowa State and Kansas State, a tradition since 1917, will see a pause in 2027. Also, teams like Kansas and Iowa State, who’ve been locking horns since 1932, will miss out in 2026.

Geographic considerations also play a role. For instance, while Arizona-Arizona State remains an annual event, other former Pac-12 schools, much like the Texas schools, won’t face each other every year.



Lastly, bettors and fans alike will eagerly watch Coach Deion Sanders’ progress. Colorado’s NCAAF Odds have been fun to follow. Steering Colorado in 2024, after a stint in the Pac-12, Sanders kick-started his journey with a thrilling 45-42 win at TCU. His drive to tap into the Texas and Florida recruiting pool further spices up the season.