NCAAF News: Danielson’s Rises to Head Coach at Boise State

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Spencer Danielson’s appointment as the head coach of Boise State marks a significant milestone in the university’s football program and has generated considerable buzz, especially among bettors and NCAAF  betting enthusiasts looking for interesting NCAAF Lines


Danielson’s Commitment

Danielson’s promotion follows his remarkable stint as an interim coach, during which he led the Broncos to an impressive 3-0 finish and secured a Mountain West championship, culminating in a notable 44-20 victory against UNLV. This achievement has not only etched his name in history as the first interim coach to win a conference championship game in FBS history but also underscores his deep connection with Boise State, having been part of the staff for seven seasons.


The decision to promote Danielson was influenced significantly by his performance and the strong advocacy of the team players. His unique approach to coaching, markedly different from his predecessor Andy Avalos, resonated well with the players and was a key factor in the administrative decision. Danielson’s dedication to Boise State, evident in his choice to stay with the team rather than move to Auburn with former head coach Bryan Harsin, also played a pivotal role in his elevation to head coach.


Future Ahead, New Challenges Approaches

Looking ahead to 2024, Boise State’s prospects under Danielson are promising, albeit with the usual uncertainties of college football rosters in the era of the transfer portal. This could make their NCAAF Odds change quickly. 

Danielson’s rapport with the team is expected to be advantageous, particularly in retaining key players. The team’s offense, rich in senior experience, includes standout players like George Holani. However, the spotlight is also on sophomore running back Ashton Jeanty, who amassed 1,200 yards this season. The performance of quarterback Taylen Green, who showcased his potential with 226 passing yards and 90 rushing yards in the championship game, also raises expectations for the coming season.

Boise State faces a challenging schedule in 2024, with high-profile nonconference games against Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, and Georgia Southern. Additionally, the new Mountain West scheduling agreement with the Pac-12 will introduce further complexities to their game lineup.


For bettors, Danielson’s appointment and his demonstrated ability to invigorate the team suggest a potentially strong performance from Boise State in the upcoming seasons. His leadership style, coupled with the talent in the team, sets up Boise State as a team to watch closely. Danielson’s journey from interim coach to head coach is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of hope and excitement for the future of Boise State football.