NFL News: July 10th

Jerry Jones and McCarthyThere is trouble between Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and team owner Jerry Jones. McCarthy is entering his fifth and final season with the team. He is upset with how Jones is running things.

An ex-Cowboys worker talked to reporter Tyler Long. He said, “McCarthy is doing his best. But some people say he is getting tired of it.” 

Jerry Jones has always been very involved with the team since he bought it in 1989. This caused problems with former coach Jimmy Johnson after they won the Super Bowl in 1993. Even though the Cowboys won another Super Bowl two years later, things have not been the same since Johnson left.

Some people, like Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, had a good time working with Jones. Parcells left New England after a Super Bowl because he did not get along with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He said, “I liked working for Jerry. I learned a lot. He was very supportive.”


But Jones being both owner and general manager has caused problems, on the field and on NFL Lines. The team has had trouble managing their salary cap, which is the amount of money they can spend on players. This has made it hard for them to end their 28-year streak of not making it to the NFC Championship.

This offseason has been tough for the Cowboys. They lost key players like running back Tony Pollard and center Tyler Biadasz in free agency. They also have ongoing contract talks with quarterback Dak Prescott, receiver CeeDee Lamb, and linebacker Micah Parsons. These issues are causing distractions as training camp approaches.


McCarthy’s future with the Cowboys is uncertain. After losing to the Packers in the wild-card playoff game in January, people questioned his job security. Even though the Cowboys had a 12-5 record in the past three seasons, their 1-3 playoff record under McCarthy is not impressive. McCarthy does not have a contract extension, so he is like a coach on his last chance.

The relationship between McCarthy and Jones is important. McCarthy wants to keep coaching in Dallas but has to deal with Jones’ management style. The team’s success depends on whether they can keep their key players and if McCarthy and Jones can work together.




The Cowboys’ offseason moves have worried current players. They are concerned about Jones’ influence on the team. The idea that the owner can undermine the coach at any time is a big worry. This makes it hard for the team to reach its full potential.

As the Cowboys get ready for the 2024 season, the pressure is high. McCarthy’s job is on the line, and the team needs to perform well. The Cowboys will start the regular season against the Browns on September 8. This game could set the tone for the rest of the year.

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