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Monday Night Football Odds: 2022 NFL Season


2022 Betting Lines for MNF

Although Monday Night Football is the final game on weekly NFL schedules, it remains a big attraction for both fans and bettors. The top players and teams in the league face off during the 17 weeks of regular-season play under the bright primetime lights. Here at BUSR, you can find the latest Monday Night Football Betting Lines. 

Numerous bettors across the country are tuned in to the same location that the league’s eyes are. Due to the abundance of intriguing matchups on the MNF schedule this season, nothing will change from last.


What are the most hyped Monday Night Football matchups in 2022?

When you look through the schedule to decide which games to bet on for MNF, there are certain that stand out. Instead of forcing you to go through everything game by game, we’ll simplify things for you by going over the best matches.

You can start building your MNF betting strategy now that the NFL schedule for 2024 has been brought to light. The MNF calendar this year features an impressive number of games, including eight intra-divisional contests and a few contests involving early Super Bowl favorites. Here is a list of the top Monday night games to bet on.

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NFL 2022 | BUSR Star Broncos at Seahawks, Week 1 – Sept. 12th (ESPN/ABC)

The Denver Broncos’ last Monday Night Football game of Week 1 will feature Russell Wilson’s debut for the team. To add gasoline to the fire, he will play that game against his 10-year former squad in the area he once called home. Imagine the advertisements that Mr. Unlimited will release before this game. At ESPN, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will both be debuting for the first time during the regular season.

Although the Seahawks aren’t expected to be a contender this season, they do have several advantages that might make this a great contest. They probably have the most in-depth knowledge of Wilson, and Seattle’s head coach, Pete Carroll, will want to demonstrate that he won the divorce.

NFL 2022 | BUSR Star Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers ,Week 4 – Oct. 3rd (ESPN)

The eventual Super Bowl champions last year battled against the 49ers, losing both of their games against their divisional rivals during the regular season before triumphing over them in the NFC Championship game.

NFL 2022 | BUSR Star Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs, Week 5 – Oct. 10th (ESPN)

The AFC West divisional competition this season is going to be insane; the lowest-scoring team might yet finish with 10 victories while missing the playoffs. The Chiefs are still the team to beat in that division, but this game should offer us a hint as to just how close it all might be.

NFL 2022 | BUSR Star Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals, Week 17 – Jan.2nd (ESPN/ABC)

Even though these two teams didn’t play each other last year, both might push for the Super Bowl this year. The AFC Championship game could end up being previewed by this game.


Monday Night Football betting trends

Every one of the 32 NFL teams has experienced its share of Monday Night Football fame. Over the years, there have been a lot of notable matches and events.

•  Most points scored by one team: Eagles 59-28 victory over Washington on November 15, 2010
•  Biggest defeat: Ravens 48-3 victory over Packers on December 19, 2005
•  Highest scoring match: Rams 54-51 victory against Chiefs on November 19, 2018
•  Lowest scoring match: Steelers 3-0 victory over Dolphins on November 26, 2007.

Teams’ frequency of appearances in primetime fluctuates because the NFL is cyclical in nature.

The Chicago Bears have made the most Monday Night Football appearances since the 2010 NFL season with 21, followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars with three. Numerous clubs have amassed excellent records on Monday nights over that time.

  • •  Pittsburgh Steelers: 13-3, .812
  • •  San Francisco 49ers: 12-4, .750
  • •  Tennessee Titans: 6-2, .750
  • •  Seattle Seahawks: 11-4, .733
  • •  Kansas City Chiefs: 10-4, .714
  • •  New England Patriots: 10-4, .714

On the other hand, some clubs haven’t exactly been primetime ready.

  • •  Buffalo Bills: 2-5, .286
  • •  Indianapolis Colts: 3-8, .273
  • •  Miami Dolphins: 3-8, .273
  • •  Cleveland Browns: 1-4, .200
  • •  Washington Commanders: 3-13, .188

There were 17 Monday Night Football matches played last season. From a betting standpoint, here’s what happened.

  • •  Moneyline: Favorites 10-7
  • •  Spreads: Favorites 6-11
  • •  Totals: Over 7-10
  • •  Home/away: Home 12-5

While favorites enjoyed a modest advantage throughout the entire season, home teams had the biggest advantage. Over the course of the season, underdogs and the under were the stronger wagers on spreads and totals.

You can find the latest NFL Monday Night Football Betting Lines at BUSR HERE

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