Thursday Night Football Odds

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Thursday Night Football Odds: 2022 NFL Season

The NFL Thursday Night Football schedule last season included a ton of thrilling contests, starting with the Buccaneers defeating the Cowboys in Week 1 and ending with the Titans defeating the 49ers with a last-second field goal in the championship game. Let’s just say that when creating the 2024 TNF docket, the schedule makers will have a hard act to follow.

Find all the information you need about betting on the NFL on Thursday nights, including the most recent Thursday Night Football betting lines and odds with BUSR.


What time is Thursday Night Football?

At 8:20 p.m. ET, Thursday Night Football will continue to kick off.


NFL Thursday Night Football Schedule 2022

On Thursday, May 12, NFL Network released the whole 2024 NFL season schedule. The teams will play a 17-game schedule over an 18-week season for the second year in a row. Week 2 through Week 17 of Thursday Night Football are available for streaming.

Find the complete schedule for the Monday Night Football Regular Season 2024 Here

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Thursday Night Football Over Under History

Any NFL betting strategy can benefit from trend research. It’s crucial to keep in mind that historical trends are only one component of the jigsaw. Although there’s no way to predict the future, what happened in the past can assist you to develop your case.

Due to the limited amount of time both teams have to prepare, Thursday Night Football might be one of the more difficult games to analyze effectively. Here is what has happened with the During/Under over the past three years, as seen on the scoreboards.

  • • 2021: Over 5-11
  • • 2020: Over 7-8
  • • 2019: Over 7-8
  • • 3-year total: Over 19-27

It was almost evenly split for the totals of results for 2019 and 2020. However, TNF overs struggled in 2021, favoring the under when all three seasons are taken into account. That serves as yet another compelling justification for NFL bettors to keep track of results and make necessary adjustments.


Thursday Night Football props

A number of props are typically used during NFL primetime games. There are several for the overall game or for specific teams, but player performance props are typically the most well-liked. 

The initial NFL prop wagers for Week 1 betting lines ought to become available on BUSR about a week before the games begin.

Football prop bets cover a wide range of possibilities, including how many points a team will score and how many passing yards a quarterback will accumulate. It’s possible to get wagers on Week 1 for the whole league, including predictions for numerous outcomes, such as which club will score the most points and who will have the most running yards.

Check out BUSR most popular Thursday Night Football player props HERE

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