NFL AFC West’s Breakout Candidates

The AFC West teams are gearing up for an action-packed 2023 NFL season, and amidst the star-studded rosters, there are breakout candidates ready to seize the spotlight. From the Kansas City Chiefs to the Los Angeles Chargers, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Denver Broncos, each team has identified a rising talent poised to make a significant impact on the field. As the competition heats up, these young stars are ready to prove their worth and elevate their teams to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at the breakout candidates who are set to influence NFL Lines.


Kansas City Chiefs – WR Kadarius Toney: The Next Star Receiver

With the Chiefs passing on big-name wide receivers in the offseason, all eyes are on Kadarius Toney to step up and become their next star playmaker. Boasting the talent to surpass the 1,000-yard mark, Toney’s biggest challenge lies in staying healthy throughout the season. Now entering his second year in Andy Reid’s system, Toney is expected to form a formidable connection with superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. With plenty of opportunities on the horizon, Toney has a golden chance to prove his mettle and take the Chiefs’ offense to even greater heights.


Los Angeles Chargers – G Zion Johnson: A Natural on the Left Side

NFL AFC West Zion Johnson faces a pivotal season as he returns to his natural position on the left side for the Chargers. After some ups and downs during his rookie year, while adjusting to the right side, Johnson is eager to showcase his prowess as a left guard, a position he excelled at in college. Playing alongside All-Pro caliber players Corey Linsley and Rashawn Slater, Johnson is primed to make a significant impact in the run game. As he settles into his true position, Johnson’s development will be closely watched, and his performance could be a game-changer for the Chargers.


Las Vegas Raiders – LB Divine Deablo: Ready to Make His Mark

The Raiders’ linebacker corps dealt with injuries last season, and Divine Deablo emerged as a promising talent before a season-ending broken arm. With Denzel Perryman leaving for the NFL Texans, Deablo is expected to step up in a major way for Las Vegas. Equipped with solid skills in both run support and pass coverage, Deablo has been entrusted with greater responsibility by being awarded the green dot for relaying play calls. The defensive coordinator Patrick Graham’s trust in him showcases the high expectations for Deablo, making him a key player to watch this season.


Denver Broncos – TE Greg Dulcich: Unleashing His Potential

Despite missing several games in his rookie season, Greg Dulcich showcased his talent with 33 receptions for 411 yards. Now in a Sean Payton-led offense that has a history of utilizing big, athletic tight ends effectively, Dulcich has a golden opportunity to make a significant impact. Overhauling his offseason workout regimen to address injuries, Dulcich is primed to take on a much bigger role in the Broncos’ offense. With a focus on increased flexibility and health, Dulcich could emerge as a valuable asset for Denver’s passing game, just like Jimmy Graham did under Payton’s guidance years ago.

The AFC West teams are set to witness the rise of these breakout candidates, as they prepare to leave an indelible mark on the 2023 NFL season. Kadarius Toney, Zion Johnson, Divine Deablo, and Greg Dulcich represent the future of their respective teams, and their performances will be pivotal to their squads’ success. As these young stars embark on their journey of growth and excellence, the AFC West is brimming with the potential of these emerging talents, and fans can look forward to electrifying NFL Odds.