NFL Analysis: Preseason Week 3 Buccaneers vs Ravens

In an engaging NFL preseason face-off, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers delivered a blow to the Baltimore Ravens, ensuring their second consecutive preseason defeat with a 26-20 final score.

The game commenced with an adrenaline-pumping 24-yard touchdown pass from the Ravens’ Josh Johnson to the dynamic wide receiver, Laquon Treadwell. The Buccaneers retaliated almost instantly, marking their own touchdown.

Earlier in the week, Mayfield was crowned the starter over Kyle Trask, a third-year professional. Mayfield displayed impressive agility during the game, his first since the preseason face-off with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Demonstrating his capability, the first overall pick from 2018 executed six passes flawlessly, totaling 43 yards. Mayfield delivering flashes of his true potential will be huge for the Buccaneers NFL Lines.

This prowess was best illustrated with an 11-yard touchdown delivery to Chris Godwin, propelling the Buccaneers to a 2-1 standing. Following a subdued beginning, Mayfield steered the offense through a 59-yard scoring drive, eradicating the initial 7-0 deficit.

Ravens vs BuccaneersWhile Ravens’ star quarterback, Lamar Jackson, remained conspicuously absent, the evening revolved around assessing backups and young talents vying for a coveted spot on the roster. Johnson, starting as the quarterback for the Ravens, showcased a commendable performance, achieving 6 of 9 passes that accumulated 95 yards, highlighted by a touchdown. Following him was Anthony Brown, covering the majority of the game, who delivered 12 completions out of 21 attempts, resulting in 171 yards.

By halftime, the Buccaneers were riding high with a 17-10 lead, a commendation to Kyle Trask’s six-yard touchdown pass to David Wells and both teams evenly matching with field goals. The succeeding quarter witnessed a battle of the kickers, Chase McLaughlin for the Buccaneers and Justin Tucker for the Ravens.

As the fourth quarter dawned, McLaughlin further fortified the Buccaneers’ lead, stretching it by 10 points. However, the resilient Ravens narrowed down the margin to three, thanks to Owen Wright’s touchdown from a two-yard distance. The game’s climax saw the Buccaneers expand the gap by another three points, courtesy of another accurate shot from McLaughlin.

In the deciding moments of the game, the Ravens spotted an opportunity to turn the tables. However, Tampa Bay’s resilient defense, spearheaded by Charles Snowden, thwarted their ambitions. Snowden’s decisive sack of Ravens quarterback, Anthony Brown, near the Tampa Bay 24-yard mark, was the final nail in the coffin.

On the Buccaneers’ end, a significant portion of their primary defense made its preseason debut. Earlier matches against the Steelers and New York Jets saw Coach Todd Bowles rest the majority of the mainstay players, with Logan Hall being a notable exception. Trask, who previously shadowed stalwarts Tom Brady and Blaine Gabbert, took the center stage, successfully completing 19 of 31 passes, covering 192 yards, and securing a 6-yard touchdown to tight end David Wells. The promising quarterback also spearheaded four productive drives, culminating in field goals by Chase McLaughlin.

Notable Performances

Spotlighting some exemplary performances, the Ravens’ Jalyn Armour-Davis, a 2022 fourth-round selection, experienced his preseason debut. While Ar’Darius Washington dominated the slot, the starting position appears to be leaning toward either Arthur Maulet or a new addition to the roster. The Buccaneers’ defense showcased their skill, with players like Kaevon Merriweather, Keenan Isaac, and Dee Delaney successfully interrupting the Ravens’ passes.

Ravens’ 2023 recruit, Kyu Blu Kelly, received substantial gameplay, with a majority as an outside cornerback. While targeted five times, he conceded three receptions, including the memorable 11-yard touchdown by Chris Godwin.

Injury Report

Injuries affect NFL Odds directly, so let’s analyze the ones that happened in this game. The Buccaneers face a setback with the announcement of Ryan Jensen’s impending absence for the 2023 season. The seasoned center’s career hangs in the balance after a devastating ligament tear in his left knee during the previous year’s training camp. Despite refraining from surgery and showcasing a recovery significant enough to return in January’s playoff, his absence will be felt. Filling in his massive shoes will be the third-year professional, Robert Hainsey.