NFL Analysis: Week 2 Vikings vs Eagles


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The NFL Franchise Philadelphia Eagles showcased a performance on Thursday night that, while imperfect, still led them to a decisive victory over the Minnesota Vikings with a 34-28 score line. This triumph placed the Eagles at a promising 2-0 start for the season. 

However, the path to victory wasn’t without its hiccups. Jalen Hurts, in one of his less commendable moments, took a risk with a throw into double coverage which resulted in an interception. 

A.J. Brown, despite his impressive 1,500 yards receiving the previous year, displayed visible frustration when he was overlooked during the game. Even the home crowd couldn’t withhold their disappointment, booing the reigning NFC champions in the first half after a series of ineffective offensive plays. Yet, despite these trials, Philadelphia emerged triumphant.

NFL Team Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia’s resilience was evident throughout the match. Even though the highlight-reel plays are lagging behind last year’s pace, the team remains undeterred. Jalen Hurts showcased his leadership skills, scoring two touchdowns and delivering a game-changing 63-yard TD pass to DeVonta Smith. With D’Andre Swift’s remarkable 175-yard run complementing this, the Eagles managed to keep a persistent, turnover-heavy Vikings at bay.

Kirk Cousins did not let victory come easy to the Eagles, connecting with Jordan Addison and K.J. Osborn for touchdowns that brought the Vikings dangerously close to an Eagles’ lead. Yet, Swift’s 2-yard run solidified the Eagles’ advantage, leaving the Vikings with insufficient time to counteract.

Minnesota’s recurring issue with turnovers was conspicuous. After three turnovers in their season opener against Tampa Bay, they fumbled thrice in the first half against the Eagles. Even with these issues, they covered the spread in BUSR NFL Lines

Minnesota VikingsOne of the low points was Justin Jefferson’s fumble, which cost the Vikings crucial points. Cousins, nevertheless, delivered a respectable 364 yards and four touchdowns, with T.J. Hockenson on the receiving end for two of them. Jefferson’s 11 catches covered a noteworthy 159 yards.

Hurts, with 18 out of 23 completed passes accumulating 193 yards, leaned heavily on Smith, who caught four passes amounting to 131 yards. Brown’s evident dissatisfaction with Hurts became a sideline spectacle that required intervention from Sirianni. Despite Brown’s discontent, he finished with four receptions totaling 29 yards. Complementing the Eagles’ offense, Jake Elliott secured two crucial field goals, including a remarkable 61-yarder at the end of the first half.

Several factors might explain the Eagles’ initial sluggishness. Adapting to a new offensive coordinator, Brian Johnson, the challenges of a short week, and Hurts along with key starters missing preseason games could all play a role. The once dynamic offense from the previous season seemed lacking. However, they compensated with their run game, persistently pushing forward and culminating in Hurts’ signature touchdown, giving the Eagles the lead. Their running game will probably help them still have favorable NFL Odds next week, but maybe not as appealing.

A special mention must go to veteran Justin Evans, whose impeccable timing on a hit led to a fumble recovery, turning the game’s momentum in favor of the Eagles. Minnesota’s ongoing fumble problem is something they will surely need to address moving forward.


Injuries Summary

Injuries marred the contest, with the Vikings’ LT Olisaemeka Udoh being carted off in the fourth quarter due to a knee injury. The Eagles also saw injuries with CB Avonte Maddox and WR Quez Watkins.

Historically, starting 0-2 has ominous implications for NFL teams. Since 1990, only 11.5% of teams with a 0-2 start have made it to the playoffs. The Vikings, who showcased a strong 13-4 regular season previously, will undoubtedly be eager to alter this narrative.

In conclusion, while the Philadelphia Eagles may have had a rocky start, their unwavering resilience and team effort led them to a deserving victory. As they progress in the season, one can expect further displays of skill, determination, and an undying will to win.