NFL News: Is Tom Brady an option for the Jets?


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The New York Jets‘ journey, strewn with high hopes and shattering injuries, took an unprecedented twist in the initial days of the 2023 NFL season. The prospect of Tom Brady stepping out of retirement was squashed as soon as it arose, while Aaron Rodgers’ promising season was brought to an abrupt halt. 

For those closely following the league, Tom Brady’s name was a constant fixture for the better part of two decades. This 23-season-long NFL stint saw him briefly come out of a short-lived retirement to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season. However, it seems this time Brady, now 46, has hung up his boots for good. As per insiders, he’s made it abundantly clear that he won’t be returning to the field, not even for a Jets team in desperate need of help. 

This meant the Jets had to look inward, and they found their answer in the young 2021 first-round pick, Zach Wilson. Head Coach Robert Saleh dispelled any brewing doubts on Tuesday, asserting with conviction that Wilson is “our quarterback”. He was resolute about Wilson taking the lead against the Dallas Cowboys, and presumably for the games that followed. NFL Lines don’t love Wilson as he has yet to prove he’s a consistent NFL starter. 

Yet, the stark absence of Rodgers was felt acutely by the team and the fans. It was only months ago that Rodgers, with his impeccable skill set, made the Super Bowl not just a dream, but a tangible possibility for the Jets. Then came the gut-wrenching news: during the “Monday Night Football” against the Buffalo Bills, Rodgers suffered a grievous Achilles injury. It was only the team’s opening drive, and the 39-year-old QB was being taken down by Bills’ defensive end Leonard Floyd. He attempted to rise, only to drop back in evident pain, finally limping off the field with assistance. Rodgers had to exit after a mere four plays, making just one incomplete pass. Saleh confirmed in a following news conference the severity of Rodgers’ Achilles tear, marking an early end to his inaugural season with the Jets.


The Wilson’s Evolution

NFL Player Zack WilsonYet, amidst the cloud of uncertainty and disappointment, emerged a silver lining named Zach Wilson. Thrown into the deep end, the young QB showcased resilience, confidence, and promise. Though he displayed occasional signs of the mistakes of his rocky 2022, he also demonstrated significant growth from where he was a year ago. Saleh mentioned in the press conference that Wilson has evolved “leap years” from his rookie year. His performance against the Bills was a testament to that as he threw a touchdown and an interception, leading the Jets to a thrilling 22-16 overtime victory. It will be really interesting to see how NFL Odds value Wilson’s performance going forward, as he has a better-supporting cast than ever and it is up to him to save the Jets season.

However, Rodgers’ injury and the lingering doubts about Wilson’s consistency meant the Jets began reaching out to veteran free-agent QBs as early as Tuesday. With Tim Boyle being the only other quarterback on the roster, there’s speculation that General Manager Joe Douglas might consider roping in a seasoned player. Names like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco in free agency, and possibly Jameis Winston through a trade, are being floated around.

In conclusion, the Jets’ road ahead looks challenging. From the euphoria of having Rodgers at the helm to the anticipation around Wilson’s potential, they’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions. However, the true test will be in how they rally around their young quarterback, harnessing his budding potential, and navigating through the turbulent waters of the NFL. The dreams of the Super Bowl might seem distant now, but in the unpredictable world of football, hope and surprises are always around the corner.