NFL News: Jets Send Denzel Mims Packing: Traded to The Lions

New York Jets Trade Denzel Mims to Detroit Lions: Exploring the Factors Behind the Significant NFL Trade

In a recent development, the New York Jets have finalized a trade agreement with the Detroit Lions, confirming the transfer of wide receiver Denzel Mims to the Lions. This deal was confirmed on Thursday and marks a significant move for both teams involved. Here’s a breakdown of the trade and the factors leading up to it.

As part of the trade, the Lions will send a conditional 2025 sixth-round pick to New York in exchange for Denzel Mims, along with a seventh-rounder in the same 2025 draft. This conditional aspect adds an intriguing dimension to the trade, as it hinges on certain future circumstances that could potentially impact the value of the picks and of NFL Lines.

The decision to part ways with Mims was not entirely surprising, given the circumstances surrounding his tenure with the Jets. The team reportedly excused Mims from reporting to training camp, signaling a rift or dissatisfaction that may have led to this trade. Over his Jets career, Mims fell short of scoring a touchdown, managing 42 catches for 676 yards in 30 games. This lack of consistent impact likely contributed to the Jets’ willingness to explore trade opportunities for the young receiver.

NFL Player Denzel Mims

Struggles and Setbacks: Denzel Mims’ Journey Amidst Jets’ Coaching Transitions and Offensive Changes

The origin of this trade can be traced back to the coaching staff transition within the Jets organization. Once the Jets changed coaching staffs from Adam Gase to Robert Saleh, Mims’ fit within the team seemed to diminish significantly. Despite showcasing intriguing talent during the 2020 combine, where he ran an impressive 4.38-second 40-yard dash at 6-foot-3, Mims struggled to find his place in Gase’s system during his rookie season, partly due to injury setbacks.

However, the situation didn’t improve under Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. They didn’t view Mims as a suitable fit for their offensive scheme, raising concerns about his work ethic and positional versatility. A bout of food poisoning in 2021 further hampered Mims’ chances to make an impact, resulting in a mere eight catches throughout the season.

Compounding matters, the Jets bolstered their receiving corps in the subsequent seasons. With the addition of top draft picks Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson, along with the signing of Corey Davis and the re-signing of Braxton Berrios to a sizable contract, Mims found himself pushed down the depth chart. During last year’s training camp, he rarely received reps with the first-team offense, prompting him to request a trade. The Jets, though listening to offers, decided to retain him but often relegated him to a healthy scratch for six games before his activation in Week 7, where he played a limited role for the rest of the season.

Subsequent offseason moves, including the signings of Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Mecole Hardman as free agents, further diminished Mims’ chances of reclaiming a prominent role. Notably, undrafted rookie Jason Brownlee’s standout performances during voluntary OTAs raised the competition for roster spots, leaving Mims with an uncertain future in New York.

What is Detroit getting in Mims?

On the other side of the trade, the Lions’ decision to acquire Mims is driven by a strategic need to address the absence of wide receiver Jameson Williams. Williams faces a challenging six-game suspension at the start of the season due to a violation of the league’s gambling policy. Mims’ 6-foot-3 stature and impressive 4.38 speed provide the Lions with a potential solution to fill the void left by Williams’ absence. Furthermore, Mims’ status as a former second-round pick, still at the age of 25, adds allure to the potential upside the Lions could unlock with him with NFL Odds being swayed their way.

While things didn’t pan out as expected in New York, the Lions view this trade as an opportunity to give Mims a fresh start. Working alongside offensive coordinator Ben Johnson in Detroit, there are hopes that Mims will find a better fit in their offensive scheme and make a more substantial impact on the field. At the very least, Mims’ skill set should help stretch the field and provide a valuable asset while Williams remains sidelined.

In conclusion, the Jets and Lions have embarked on a significant trade involving wide receiver Denzel Mims, providing both players and teams with fresh opportunities and challenges. The conditional picks add an intriguing aspect to the trade, making it a transaction with potential long-term implications for both franchises. As the 2025 season approaches, all eyes will be on how Mims adapts to his new environment in Detroit and how the Jets leverage their acquired draft assets. With uncertainty and potential on the horizon, NFL fans eagerly anticipate how this trade will unfold in the coming seasons.