NFL News: Joe Burrow Suffers Calf Strain During Practice

The Cincinnati Bengals’ star quarterback, Joe Burrow, found himself being carted off the practice field on Thursday due to a strained calf, sending waves of concern throughout the team and fanbase. This incident marks another setback in Burrow’s tumultuous journey, plagued by frequent injuries and illnesses in his recent career. Let’s unravel the details of this news and analyze the impact it can have on the future of Cincinnati.

During an 11-on-11 drill, the 26-year-old unexpectedly pulled up due to a problem with his right leg, subsequently collapsing onto the ground. Despite the sudden onset of the issue, Burrow remained composed, sitting with trainers before being escorted off the field on a cart.

Burrow has been among the top three quarterbacks from the 2020 NFL Draft poised to receive a contract extension this offseason. His contemporaries, Justin Herbert of the Chargers and Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, have already signed new deals.

NFL Player Joe Burrow InjuryHowever, the cloud of injury and illness has consistently hung over Burrow in his past preseasons. His challenges started in his rookie season, where he dealt with a truncated camp and no preseason games due to the pandemic. This was followed by his second season, where he was recovering from a devastating ACL tear. In 2022, he underwent an appendectomy in late July, causing him to miss most of the training camp. The latest incident of the calf injury in 2023 is a continuation of these unfortunate patterns. These constant problems for Burrow make the Bengals NFL Lines very variable.

Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengal’s wide receiver and Burrow’s former college teammate, was quick to reassure the team and fans. He expressed his unwavering belief in Burrow’s resilience, suggesting that there’s no cause for alarm. Bengal’s coach, Zac Taylor, confirmed the calf injury but offered no further information.

Interestingly, Burrow was spotted wearing a compression sleeve on his right calf, a day after not wearing one during Wednesday’s practice. Taylor explained that many players experience some level of soreness after the first day, suggesting that the compression sleeve could be a proactive measure.

Despite his injuries, Burrow has been nothing but elite.

Despite these setbacks, Burrow’s talent and performance remain undeniable. The first overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft has proven to be one of the most effective quarterbacks in recent years, racking up 11,774 passing yards, 82 touchdowns, and 31 interceptions, boasting an impressive 100.4 passer rating. His contributions were acknowledged with a Pro Bowl nod in the last season.

Burrow’s prominence was initially established during his memorable 2019 college football season. After winning the Heisman Trophy, he led the Louisiana State University to an undefeated national championship season. Despite a knee injury cutting his rookie season short after ten games, Burrow quickly rebounded, emerging as one of the brightest stars in the league. He led the Bengals to Super Bowl LVI during the 2021 season and the AFC Championship game in the following season.

While the frequency and recurrence of injuries may raise concerns, Burrow’s ability to overcome adversity and continue to perform at an elite level cannot be overlooked. As he faces another challenge with his strained calf, fans and teammates alike hold onto the hope that his resilience will see him through. Regardless of the immediate implications, it’s clear that Burrow’s journey in the NFL, although punctuated by physical obstacles, is far from over.

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