NFL NFC East: Examining Potential Busts

The NFC East is no stranger to disappointment, and this upcoming season may be no different. Let’s dive into four
potential busts within the division that could impact NFL Lines.

Philadelphia Eagles: Nicholas Morrow

Nicholas Morrow may not solve the Eagles’ defensive issues. The Philadelphia Eagles faced financial constraints
this offseason, resulting in changes to their linebacker corps. While Nakobe Dean is a natural replacement for
T.J. Edwards, they turned to Nicholas Morrow to fill Edwards’ void. Morrow’s performance with the Bears last
season was the best of his career, with 116 tackles and 11 tackles for loss. However, he allowed a passer rating
of 101.8 when targeted. This outlier season came after missing the entire 2021 season due to a foot injury and
underwhelming previous seasons with the Raiders. Despite being surrounded by a talented defense, Morrow’s smaller
stature at 6’0″, 216 pounds raises concerns about his compatibility with Dean, who is also considered



Dallas Cowboys: Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith’s injuries may hamper the Cowboys’ offensive line. Dallas Cowboys fans witnessed Ezekiel Elliott’s decline in explosiveness last season, and they may face a similar fate with left tackle Tyron Smith. Smith has been injury-prone, playing only 17 regular-season games over the past three years and missing significant time due to various injuries. When Smith returned to play at the end of last season, filling in at right tackle, his performance dipped significantly. He earned a PFF grade of 58.6 on 271 snaps, a significant drop from his stellar 91.4 grade in 2021. Head coach Mike McCarthy’s uncertainty about Terence Steele’s readiness for training camp suggests the Cowboys may rely on Smith, but his injuries may prevent him from performing at an elite level.

New York Giants: Darren Waller

Darren Waller’s age and injury concerns may impact the Giants. The New York Giants sought to upgrade their offensive weapons after signing Daniel Jones to a lucrative contract. They placed high hopes on Darren Waller, providing a veteran presence at the tight end position. Waller’s numbers should surpass those of last year’s top tight end, but there are risks involved. The 30-year-old has missed 14 games over the past two seasons due to hamstring and knee injuries. Even when he played last season, his performance was underwhelming, averaging just 3.1 receptions and 43.1 yards per game. Waller’s decline has been evident, as seen in his average of 7.2 yards per target in 2021. The Giants may be disappointed if they expect the player who achieved back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in 2019 and 2020.


Washington Commanders: Sam Howell

Sam Howell faces challenges in Washington. In an ideal scenario, Sam Howell would defy the doubters and excel
with the Washington Commanders. Despite once being considered a first-round prospect, Howell slipped to the fifth
round. While he’s slated as the team’s starting quarterback under new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, the
Commanders also signed Jacoby Brissett this offseason, a capable backup quarterback. Brissett showcased his
skills with the Browns last season, ranking eighth in overall QBR during his 11-game stretch. The Commanders
possess a strong offensive core, making it difficult to believe they wouldn’t turn to Brissett if Howell
struggles. Howell, a fifth-round pick with limited starting experience, faces an uphill battle, especially
considering his size outlier status at 6’0″ and 218 pounds.


Recognizing potential busts in the NFC East helps us anticipate possible disappointments and their impact on NFL Odds throughout the season. By
analyzing these potential weaknesses, we gain insights into team dynamics and vulnerabilities. This knowledge
influences betting strategies and allows for adjustments based on player performance. Continuously monitoring
these potential busts refines our analysis, enhances our understanding of the division’s competitive landscape,
and aids in making more informed predictions.