Predicting The Most Impactful NFL Offseason Moves

The 2023 NFL offseason witnessed a flurry of action throughout the league, as teams engaged in non-stop negotiations. Several franchises took bold risks by placing their bets on crucial positions, whereas others opted to trim down their rosters to be more profitable.

As we progress into the summer and teams gear up for training camp, we are eager to forecast which of the off-season additions will deliver the greatest value in 2023.

Outlined below are the transactions that we believe will have the most impact on NFL lines this year.

Bryce Young drafted by the Panthers

Of course, the No. 1 draft pick is gonna be on this list, but when a franchise’s recent history includes disastrous experiments with Baker Mayfield, Cam Newton and Sam Darnold, a talent like Young is exactly the type of shock the system needs to turn it around.

Quarterback prospects are always flooded with near-impossible sky-high expectations, but Young possesses sufficient arm strength to function effectively at the NFL level, his arm displays remarkable elasticity, enabling him to throw from various angles while maintaining velocity.

Although Young’s arm talent is commendable, his ability to create plays sets him apart as a near-generational talent. This former Alabama QB is a quick-twitch athlete, showcasing exceptional suddenness, stop-and-start agility, and elusiveness. He possesses a controlled yet electrifying running style, capable of abruptly halting and effortlessly generating momentum, often catching defenders off guard.

NFL Player Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers is a New York Jet

That still feels weird to say! Even if Rodgers is not his elite MVP self, he’s still a huge upgrade for a Jets franchise that has been unable to produce quality NFL quarterbacks in the past years. This move could have a similar effect to what Tom Brady caused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few years back, or at least change the tone of the franchise.

During the free agency period, the New York Jets made significant moves to bolster their offensive arsenal. They secured the services of wide receivers Mecole Hardman and Allen Lazard, who joined forces with the highly touted offensive rookie of the year, Garrett Wilson.

Lazard, a former Green Bay Packer, brings five years of experience catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, making his transition to New York seamless. Adding to the mix, the Jets have reliable tight ends in Tyler Conklin and CJ Uzomah, further solidifying the receiving options for Rodgers.

Not only do the Jets possess an impressive array of receivers, but they also can handle the ball off to the explosive Breece Hall. Unfortunately, Hall’s rookie season was cut short due to injury, but in just seven games, he managed to accumulate an impressive 681 yards from scrimmage and five total touchdowns.

Rodgers will be surrounded by a remarkable array of weapons. As a four-time MVP, Rodgers will undoubtedly relish the opportunity to chase another championship, and with the New York Jets‘ newfound offensive firepower, they instantly become strong contenders in the AFC and make it to the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

Sean Payton is here to save the Broncos

A proven coach like Payton might just be what the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson need to leave a disappointing season behind and move forward. It will be a difficult road for the 15-year vet considering a tough division and plenty of dragging issues the team has dealt with, but Payton’s authority and mentality should make the Broncos into a better team than they were last year.

Renowned for his offensive prowess, Payton consistently orchestrated high-powered offenses that dominated the league. In an impressive display of consistency, Payton’s offenses topped the charts, leading the league in net yards per game in six seasons, while also maintaining a position within the top 10 in total offense every single year, up until his final season.

The New Orleans Saints excellence under him extended beyond yardage, as they claimed the league’s scoring crown in six different seasons. Under Payton’s guidance, New Orleans unleashed a relentless offensive onslaught, surpassing the 45-point mark on 22 occasions.

To further emphasize the impact of Payton’s coaching, consider this: the Broncos, widely regarded for their offensive prowess, managed to score 45 points in a game merely eight times throughout the same timeframe. Payton’s ability to consistently produce remarkable offensive performances paired with Russel Wilson having something to prove will surely help Denver improve their NFL odds all through the year.