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Racing Bonuses

BUSR offers some of the best bonuses to our members.

Many online horse betting sites claim to offer 10% Rebates; infact, there are a few that even say that they offer 17% rebates.  You know what your mother or grandmother said, right? If it sounds too good to be true, it ain’t true!

What you don’t know is that these types of rebates have a “cap” on the total amount of money that will be returned to the horse bettor.  In some cases it is as low as $100 per day!

BUSR doesn’t promise 10% rebates — we offer rebates up to 8% but we NEVER cap the amount of rebate that will be returned to our members’ accounts.

BUSR offers new members an option of having a 25% cash bonus added to their first deposit.  Does this mean you can deposit $4,000 and get $1,000 added to your account only to withdraw all the money the same day?  No, it doesn’t work that way!  And no, for those folks who think they can deposit, get a cash bonus and then withdraw their initial deposit and bet with the cash bonus. . . no, my misguided bettors– it doesn’t work that way.

BUSR tries to find a fair balance between rewarding our members while also mitgating our own losses.  We are a business, after all!  But, remember: BUSR is run by an exceptional group of people who truly care about horse racing and our members.  Everybody is told on their first day of work to try to make the company better.  Its our goal to provide the best service to you– and when we offer bonuses– we hope they are something that you find fair.

BUSR offers new bonuses every month.  You are welcome to call us and guess what?  We will sometimes– not all the time–but sometimes, we’ll give you surprise bonus — whether it is cash, a custom BUSR jacket or other surprises!