NBA News Today: November 6th

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From NBA to DJ Stardom

Shaquille O’Neal, found a new spotlight as a dubstep DJ after retiring from the NBA in 2011. He’s embraced a diverse career as a commentator on TNT, an endorsement superstar, and a renowned DJ with the stage name “Diesel.” As the 2023-24 NBA season approaches, O’Neal reveals that his DJ career has filled the adrenaline void left by his retirement, and he’s finding new ways to connect with fans.

Performing at events like college parties, Super Bowl gatherings, and massive music festivals in the United States, O’Neal describes the excitement and energy he derives from these experiences. His performance at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, with over 400,000 attendees, was a highlight for him, marking a significant milestone in his DJ career.

O’Neal’s transition from the basketball court to the DJ booth was prompted by the stark contrast in audience reception. He missed the roaring applause and energy he received from NBA fans, and he admits to experiencing a sense of emptiness and mild depression after retiring. The DJ scene provided the perfect remedy, offering him the opportunity to once again command the attention of huge crowds.

What’s unique about O’Neal’s journey is how he bridges his DJ career with his basketball legacy. He incorporates elements from his playing days, such as his iconic Superman logo, into his DJ sets and graphics, ensuring fans remember his roots. He draws parallels between DJing and basketball, emphasizing the importance of putting on a show for the audience, especially when people are paying to see him perform.

Aside from his DJ career, O’Neal also ventures into rap music under the alias “Diesel.” His 1993 album “Shaq Diesel” achieved platinum status, showcasing his versatility and creativity beyond basketball. He continues to collaborate with other artists, such as Rick Ross and Meek Mill, releasing a remix of “Shaq & Kobe” featuring verses from Damian Lillard, reaffirming his relevance in the music industry.


Impact of James Harden’s Trade on NBA Finals Odds

NBA Player James Harden

The recent blockbuster trade involving former MVP James Harden’s move from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Clippers has sent shockwaves through the NBA, particularly in the realm of championship odds.

The trade saw key players and draft picks exchanged. P.J. Tucker and Filip Petrusev went to the Clippers, while the Sixers received Marcus Morris, Robert Covington, Nic Batum, Kenyon Martin Jr., and a package of draft picks. This trade’s immediate impact was felt in the betting market for the 2024 NBA Finals Odds.

For the Clippers, the acquisition of Harden has significantly improved their odds of winning the championship. They now hold the fifth-best odds, trailing only the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, and Phoenix Suns.

This move reunites Harden with former teammate Russell Westbrook, adding star power to a team already featuring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Conversely, the 76ers, despite the notable returns, have seen their championship odds slightly drop. They now rank behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in championship odds. The team’s dynamics have shifted, and it remains to be seen how the addition of new players and the departure of Harden will affect their performance in the upcoming season.

In general, the odds for other NBA teams to win the title have remained relatively stable in light of this high-profile trade. This suggests that bookmakers believe the Clippers have significantly improved their championship prospects, while the 76ers may need time to adjust to their revamped roster.