Philadelphia 76ers

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Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers, often called the Sixers, is an NBA franchise with deep-rooted history. Founded in 1939 in Syracuse, New York, they started as an independent team, the Nationals (or the Nats).

By 1946, they became part of the National Basketball League (NBL) and transitioned to the NBA in 1949 after a merger. Despite facing challenges like losing the inaugural NBA finals, the Nationals clinched their first title in 1955, greatly influenced by forward-center Dolph Schayes.

From the Nationals to the 76ers

Financial struggles led to the sale and relocation of the Nationals to Philadelphia in 1963. With this move came a name change in honor of the 1776 Declaration of Independence signing.

The mid-60s brought a game-changer for the 76ers – the acquisition of centre Wilt Chamberlain.

Under his leadership and with notable players like Hal Greer and Billy Cunningham, the 1966-67 season saw the 76ers achieve a then-record-breaking regular-season performance and clinch their second NBA championship. However, post the departure of Chamberlain and coach Alex Hannum, the 76ers struggled.

Low Points and The Dr. J Era

The early 1970s were challenging, with the 1972-73 season being particularly rough as the Sixers recorded a dismal 9-73. A turnaround commenced when Julius (“Dr. J”) Erving was acquired in 1976.

Erving led the team to multiple NBA finals, with the 1982-83 season standing out as the Sixers, reinforced by Moses Malone, captured their third NBA championship.


The late 80s and 90s saw transitions, with Charles Barkley emerging as the new face. After his departure in 1992, the team faced a downward trajectory. Yet, the dawn of the new millennium brought hope.

Allen Iverson’s prowess revived the Sixers, leading them to the 2001 finals. Although they lost to the Lakers, Iverson’s impact remained undeniable.

Modern Era Challenges and Revival

The early 2010s were marked by average performances, with a brief playoff appearance in 2011-12 after defeating the Chicago Bulls. In 2013, hiring Sam Hinkie as general manager ushered in a unique rebuilding strategy.

Focusing on a long-term vision, the team prioritized future potential over immediate success. Despite the initial downturn, Hinkie’s strategy bore fruit. By 2017-18, with young stars like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the Sixers saw a significant improvement, marking a return to the playoffs.

Throughout their journey, the Philadelphia 76ers have displayed highs and lows, showcasing the spirit of perseverance.


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