NFL News: Joe Burrow and Bengals Seal Historic Extension


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In a monumental move, the Cincinnati Bengals have struck an agreement with Joe Burrow, securing the quarterback with a five-year contract extension valued at $275 million, inclusive of an impressive $219.01 million in guarantees. This staggering figure not only elevates Burrow’s status but also attracts his name as the highest-paid NFL player in the annals of history. 

This extension has come despite Burrow facing a calf injury at the onset of training camp this offseason. However, he is poised to make his return in Week 1, as the Bengals clash with the Cleveland Browns. In a statement earlier this week, Burrow conveyed his readiness, indicating his strong will to be on the field once again and keeping NFL Lines steady for Cincinnati.

Interestingly, this season appears to be rewarding for the 2020 NFL Draft quarterbacks. Before Burrow, Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers and Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles both locked in long-term contract extensions. On a slightly different note, Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers settled for a short-term extension.

In just three seasons, 26-year-old Burrow boasts of throwing for 11,774 yards accompanied by 82 touchdowns and 31 interceptions. These commendable statistics culminate in a 100.4 passer rating, a testimony to his prowess, earning him his first-ever Pro Bowl recognition last season.


A Historical NFL Deal

NFL Player Joe BurrowThe intricacies of this deal, including the percentages and guarantees, are undeniably vital in assessing the deal’s success. But the larger perspective remains – the Cincinnati Bengals had no room for error. They had to ensure they secured Burrow, especially after his proclamation of wanting to stay with the team for his entire career. This significant step guarantees that the Bengals continue their unparalleled success journey, solidifying their future.

In the past, the Bengals’ most substantial guarantee was the $31 million to tackle Orlando Brown Jr. A paltry sum in comparison, it is evident that the franchise is pushing boundaries with the Burrow contract. Historically, the Bengals have often been criticized for their hesitancy in guaranteeing substantial sums, usually restricting it to the first year. However, with this groundbreaking contract, there seems to be a paradigm shift. While Burrow’s contract might be an exception today, it might set a precedent for future negotiations, particularly with star players like Ja’Marr Chase next year.

Let’s delve deeper into Burrow’s performance metrics. In terms of Expected Points Added per dropback as per TruMedia, Burrow registered 0.10 in 2022, ranking him ninth, and 0.15 in 2021, placing him sixth. His passer rating for 2022 stood at 100.8, securing the seventh spot, and an impressive 108.3 in 2021, making him the second-best. Other noteworthy statistics where Burrow excelled include a QBR of 58.7 in 2022, his highest yet. Additionally, his Pressure percentage on dropbacks touched 26.6% in 2022, the best in his career. Further, his time-to-throw average was clocked at 2.40 seconds in 2022, marking his fastest career average.

It’s intriguing to see the trajectory of quarterbacks like Burrow, Hurts, Herbert, and Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins. They all are carving out significant paths and might soon be synonymous with one of the best quarterback draft classes.

Joe Burrow’s meteoric rise to the NFL pinnacle is the stuff of legends. He has improved NFL Odds for the Bengals since day 1. He made waves in the 2019 college football season, clinching the Heisman Trophy and steering LSU to an undefeated national championship season. As the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, he had a promising start. However, a knee injury cut his rookie season short after just ten games. But he made a roaring comeback, emerging as one of the NFL’s shining stars, guiding the Bengals to Super Bowl LVI in the 2021 season and reaching the AFC Championship Game the subsequent season.