NFL Picks: Preseason Week 3 Vikings vs Cardinals

The clock is ticking as the Minnesota Vikings gear up to welcome the Arizona Cardinals for a Saturday afternoon preseason duel at the iconic U.S. Bank Stadium. The Cardinals currently have a balanced 1-1 preseason record. However, given their seemingly dim prospects for the regular season, their approach to this match-up is worth watching for future NFL Odds.

On the other hand, despite the Vikings yet to taste victory in their preseason bouts, their potential to emerge as one of the dominant teams in NFC this season remains undeterred. Cast your mind back to two seasons ago when the Vikings clinched a 34-26 victory against the Cardinals. But remember, with the player lineup set to be vastly different this time, predicting the outcome becomes a challenging affair.


  • Spread: Cardinals +2 (-110), Vikings -2 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Cardinals +107, Vikings -130
  • Total: Cardinals O 38.5 (-110), Vikings U 38.5 (-110)

Minnesota Vikings: Seeking Momentum at Home

Minnesota VikingsThe aftermath of the recent loss to the Titans might be lingering, but the Vikings can find solace in playing this game at their home ground. Two defeats into the preseason, against the Titans and previously to the Seahawks, have instilled a hunger for victory in the Vikings. A win can provide the much-needed momentum and boost their confidence as they inch closer to the regular-season commencement. This match against the Cardinals can be the catalyst for positive momentum, even if many of their main players might sit this one out.

The Vikings’ game plan seems to be steering clear from fielding starters, particularly from the offensive lineup, a trend likely to continue in this game. As they gear up, three injury concerns loom large โ€“ William Kwenkeu and James Lynch are missing from the defense, while Chris Reed is sidelined due to a leg injury from the offensive line. However, with Arizona’s younger squad up against them, it will be interesting to see how the depth of the Vikings responds.

Veteran quarterback Nick Mullens is expected to take the lead. His rich experience could prove pivotal for the Vikings, especially when they’re trying to balance out the offensive side, given the absence of some key wide receivers. However, given Arizona’s less formidable aerial attack, even a decent performance from the Vikings’ backups should suffice to seal the win.

Arizona Cardinals: A Season of Challenges Ahead

NFL Team Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals’ journey last season was marked by challenges, which seem to be continuing into this preseason. Their primary goal for these matches is to groom their young talents, a clear indication of their long-term planning. With predictions suggesting them to be at the lower end of the NFC West and the broader NFL spectrum, their perspective on the preseason appears different from playoff-contending teams.

The injury list is another concern for the Cardinals, particularly the void left by Kyler Murray due to his ACL injury and Marlon Mack’s Achilles setback. The unavailability of a couple of cornerbacks further complicates their strategy for the upcoming match.

In the quarterback realm, Clayton Tune has been the go-to guy during this preseason. While he had a challenging outing against the Chiefs, his dual-threat capability, leading both in passing and rushing, remains a silver lining. However, with a dearth of prolific wide receivers and an underperforming secondary, the Cardinals might have to adopt a more conservative game plan, focusing on a defense-first approach.


While the outcome of any game is always shrouded in uncertainty, the Vikings seem to have a slight edge, primarily due to the home advantage. Historically, the Cardinals have found it challenging to perform on away turfs, and this trend might continue into this game. Couple that with the Cardinals’ relative inexperience and shallower depth; they could face an uphill task in this preseason finale.

The Vikings are expected to harness the seasoned skills of Mullens and will likely prioritize establishing their running game early on. This strategic move can help them dictate the pace and direction of the match, giving them a higher probability of emerging victorious. So, for those placing bets or simply making predictions, the scales seem to tip in favor of the Minnesota Vikings.