NFL Rookie Bryce Young Secures Massive Deal with Panthers

Bryce YoungThe Carolina Panthers have solidified their future by finalizing a rookie contract with Bryce Young, officially
welcoming him into the NFL.

As the top overall pick in the draft, Young’s first deal adheres to the league’s rookie wage scale, granting him
an impressive $37.9 million over four years, alongside a whopping $24.6 million signing bonus. This promising
quarterback’s salary cap hit for the upcoming 2023 season will amount to $6.9 million. The significant deal,
according to Schefter, is entirely guaranteed, providing Young with the security he deserves as he embarks on his
League journey.

Throughout the draft process, the Panthers showed no hesitation in selecting Young as their first choice, and
the consensus was evident as the Heisman Trophy winner’s name was called on April 27. Bolstering his prospects
even further, Young will have the privilege of working under the guidance of former Football quarterbacks, head coach
Frank Reich and quarterbacks coach Josh McCown. Their firsthand experience witnessing Young’s remarkable work
ethic, ability to absorb information, and stellar on-field performance solidified their confidence in his
potential, outweighing any concerns about his smaller frame. Youngโ€™s immediate impact and growing pain will be
something to monitor when looking at NFL Lines.

Despite not fitting the stereotypical physical profile of an NFL quarterback, standing at 5’10” and weighing 204
pounds during the NFL Scouting Combine, Bryce Young has already shattered conventional expectations with his
extraordinary talents on the field.

What to expect from the Panthers in 2023-2024?

For the Panthers, the clock is already ticking, and they are well aware of the opportunities Young’s presence
brings. While immediate turnaround expectations may be tempered after the team underwent a reset and brought on
Reich as the head coach, recognize the unique advantage of having a starting quarterback from the draft.
This allows them greater flexibility in assembling their roster strategically. The Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles
Chargers are exemplary models of leveraging this approach successfully. Both teams acquired valuable assets
through trades while their rookie quarterbacks, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert, respectively, remained on
their rookie deals. These savvy maneuvers elevated their defenses significantly, setting the stage for future
success based on the potential their respective star QBs have.

As the 2023 season unfolds, the Panthers’ focus will be on nurturing Young’s development under center and laying
the foundation for a prosperous future in Carolina. Patience will be key, and their belief in Young’s potential
suggests that success might not be far off on the horizon. General Manager Scott Fitterer’s keen eye for talent
and strategic decision-making will undoubtedly come into play as the team navigates the rebuilding process. If
Young lives up to his accolades and proves his mettle on the field, it won’t be long before the Panthers shift
gears and make bold moves to take their rebuild to the next stage, aiming for glory.

With the signing of Bryce Young, the Panthers’ organization and their loyal fans eagerly anticipate a new era of
football greatness. His dynamic presence on the field and leadership potential create a sense of excitement and
optimism that permeates the franchise. As the season progresses, the Panthers will rely on the strategic acumen
of their coaching staff and front office to build a team that complements Young’s exceptional skills, creating a
winning formula for success. With each passing game, NFL Odds
may shift, reflecting the Panthers’ progress and Young’s impact on the league. The journey has just begun, and
Carolina is ready to embark on a path toward League excellence with Bryce Young at the helm.