Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Formed as an expansion team in 1960, the Dallas Cowboys were led by head coach Tom Landry. Losses marked the first five seasons, but a turnaround was soon observed. From 1966 to 1983, the playoffs were reached in 17 out of 18 seasons. The annual Thanksgiving Day home game started in 1966, brought the team to national attention.


A Game to Remember

The NFL championship game in 1967 saw the Cowboys lose to the Green Bay Packers. Played at an on-field temperature of โˆ’13 ยฐF, this game has become known as the “Ice Bowl.”


Roger Staubach and the Birth of “America’s Team”

Roger Staubach, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, joined the team in 1969. Under his leadership, the Cowboys clinched five NFC championships and two Super Bowls (1972 and 1978). Known by the nickname “America’s Team,” the franchise became a symbol of American football. Other stars of this era included Bob Lilly, Randy White, Bob Hayes, Mel Renfro, and Tony Dorsett.


Jerry Jones Era

The franchise underwent significant changes after being purchased by businessman Jerry Jones in 1989. Tom Landry’s firing caused unrest among fans, but successful drafts helped mend the situation. Players like Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith were acquired from 1988 to 1990, leading the Cowboys to Super Bowl victories in 1993, 1994, and 1996.


Challenges in Next Few Years

The early part of the next decade marked a decline for the Cowboys as key players from their dominant era retired or moved to other teams. The once-dominant franchise struggled to find consistency on the field. Playoffs were occasionally reached, reflecting glimpses of the team’s former glory, but a victory in the postseason eluded the team for quite some time. This dry spell lasted until 2010, a year that brought renewed hope to the franchise and its fans. That year, under the leadership of quarterback Tony Romo, the Cowboys not only clinched a division title but also managed to secure a much-anticipated victory over their rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. The win marked a turning point, infusing the team with newfound confidence as they sought to reestablish themselves among the NFL’s elite.


Rebuilding and New Talents

Three consecutive 8โ€“8 seasons from 2011 saw the Cowboys narrowly missing the playoffs. The 2014 season, however, was different, with the team winning all eight of its road games and a division title. A rookie sensation emerged two years later in quarterback Dak Prescott, paired with running back Ezekiel Elliott. The duo led the Cowboys to an NFC-best 13โ€“3 record in 2016. However, a loss in the opening postseason game followed. After failing to reach the playoffs in 2017, the team returned in 2018, securing a win but losing in the divisional round.

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